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20 demos available for free for a limited time, enjoy!



Microsoft gives you access to around twenty playable demos as a preview tomorrow. Don’t miss them!

Advent calendars are not yet fashionable in the world of video games, except for Epic Games, which could revive its own. Instead, some are betting on gifts while waiting for Christmas, including Microsoft, which is offering you more than 20 playable demos as a preview tomorrow. From December 6 to 12Xbox gamers will be able to access titles currently in development, but for this very limited time only.

Lots of action on the program

Among the games offered, we are particularly attracted by Thirty Suitors, developed by Outerloop Studios and published by Annapurna Interactive. This is an action and strategy game in which Jala faces her exes in very original turn-based battles. Far from the traditional titles of the genre, Thirty Suitors wishes to highlight the family difficulties in a multicultural context as well as the pressure that young women face.

In a completely different style, we can’t wait to discover Tin Hearts, designed by Rogue Sun and published by Wired Productions. In this adventure game, very appropriate for this Christmas season, you lead a troop of toy soldiers in a world where toys have riddles in store for you to solve. Its atmosphere is likely to immerse you in a world filled with nostalgia. return to childhood guaranteed!

An exclusive taste

All of the games presented are independent titles which will be available in a complete and official manner by next year. The full list of games will be revealed later today. Microsoft also specifies that these demos have a rather particular taste. In its press release, the firm explains:

These are not game demos in the sense that you usually hear it. Typically, demos are designed at the end of the development process (or almost) and provide a preview of the final version. Here we are talking in particular about demos of games that are in development and some will not be released for a long time. So keep in mind that most of these demos relate to titles in development and therefore do not represent their final version to come..”

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