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20 mins of gameplay for the Borderlands fantasy spinoff



Are you impatiently awaiting the return of the adorable psychopath? Here is 20 minutes of explosive gameplay to wait for the release.

We recently told you about it in our list of the games we are most looking forward to for this year 2022: in less than a month, the big family of games Borderlands will welcome a new opus with Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. IGN today unveils a first gameplay sequence of this fantasy spinoff of the famous looter-shooter. On the menu: spells of magic in shambles and an army of creatures passed through the grinder!

For those unfamiliar with the franchise Borderlands, this episode is based on one of the franchise’s most endearing characters, namely the explosive Tiny Tina. Thanks to the sharp writing of the screenwriters and the simply exceptional dubbing of Ashly Burch, this neurotic kid at will and literally addicted to homemade explosives quickly became the darling of the fans.

Over the first three installments, players have seen time and time again his unconditional love for old-school, D&D-style board games. This nod to his age and personality eventually materialized in the form of a very daring DLC, Assault on Dragon Keep.

A clear visual identity…

Even if it departs enormously from the traditional codes of Bordeaux, this derny was unanimously acclaimed by the community for its particularly successful atmosphere and its original mechanics. So much so that many voices have been raised demanding a true standalone fantasy; and it is now done with Tiny Tina’s Wonderland.

First observation: the characteristic cel-shading of Borderlands is still there, but Gearbox has made a considerable effort to adapt the visual codes of the game to this fantastic atmosphere. It starts with the interface, which seems to have been completely rebuilt.

But it is certainly at the level of the weapons that this choice of design is the most noticeable. The eccentric firearms that weigh heavily in the identity of the series give way to high-tech medieval transpositions. We thus find fire crossbows, rune rifles, and other variations that could be described as fantasy punk.

…which is also felt in the gameplay

This is also felt in the decorations. The desolate plains of Pandora give way to huge caverns, majestic mountains and picturesque medieval towns. Same observation on the side of the enemies. The famous scavs and other degenerate looters give way to adversaries who promise to be just as neurotic and hilarious. Special mention to the goblins, whose stupid replicas we can’t wait to savor!

The video also confirms that melee weapons and magic (which functionally replace traditional grenade mods) are anything but trivial; they play a preponderant role in combat. These elements can also be used to introduce a good number of original mechanics as Gearbox has the secret. The different playable classes and their respective skill trees also received the same treatment.

In any case, this appetizer confirms what we already thought. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland already looks like a very grand cru; we expect to find there the schoolboy humor, the frenetic combats and the immense replayability which made the success of its predecessors. Enough to make the wait even more unbearable before the release, scheduled for March 25 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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