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3 free mobile games perfect for keeping busy



If you are fond of mobile games, here are 3 free titles that you should try if you haven’t already.

Do you have a long trip to do but don’t know how to occupy yourself? Do you tend to get bored commuting to your workplace? Or are you just a fan of mobile games and looking for inspiration? Don’t move, we have some recommendations for you. Here are 3 great free games that you can find on all Android devices, smartphones and tablets, and that will keep you company.

As another fallback, if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can still try out these three perfect games for on the plane. They are just as easy to learn as the recommendations below and have the advantage of being also available offline.

The Cube Escape saga

Developed by Rusty Lake studio, the games Cube Escape will be the perfect companions for those who like to torture their brains. In these titles that imitate escape games, you must find a way to escape by using your skills of observation and deduction. No need to understand the overall story of each game, the studio is well known for its disturbing, yet fascinating and often incomprehensible narratives.

The Cube Escapeif they are not as long and complex as paid games Rusty Lake, have enough to keep you going for a few hours, and even more so if you decide to do them all (without cheating). They are also very well built, so you will need to be thorough. It’s a saga that you can also find on PC via Steam.

Cat and soup

If you prefer a little more sedate atmospheres, and simulation games, Cat and Soup is for you. In this title with graphics that are as cute as they are charming, you are in charge of an army of cats that cook soups. You can name them, dress them up and even customize their houses.

If you don’t do anything, they continue their little life quietly, chopping vegetables and simmering soups. The simple purpose of this game is to relax you. If you have the opportunity to play it with headphones, you will also enjoy a particularly relaxing soundtrack.

Credits: HIDEA

Alto’s Odyssey

We end this short selection with an already well-known adventure game, but whose booster shot does not hurt. It is one of our favorite mobile games to date. Alto’s Odyssey is an adventure title in which you play as a young boy who travels the world enjoying the beauty of its landscapes, but not only. You must perform tricks to earn points, and know how to master both the elements and your environment.

It is particularly easy to handle and offers you a most relaxing gaming experience, but also very stimulating if you get into the game of competition. If you are fond of this kind of title, we also recommend Alto’s Adventure which is none other than its predecessor.

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