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3 game adaptations expected in early 2023



We take stock of the main video game adaptations that we expect the most in 2023.

In 2022, video game adaptations literally invaded SVOD platforms and cinemas. Resident Evil, Uncharted, Sonic, Cyberpunk or Halo, all styles of games have gone through the scalpel of the biggest production companies for better or for worse. The trend does not stop with the arrival of 2023, so here are the 3 adaptations that we are most expecting from the editorial staff.

Note that in addition to these three titles, many other productions have been announced such as the series God of War, Horizonor movies Borderlands, The Division and Gran Turismo. Only none of them provided enough details on their content or their release so that we can formalize their imminent arrival. It is therefore better to remain cautious and wait for more information.

The Last of Us

It won’t be long before you can discover this first series. The adaptation of The Last of Us commissioned by HBO traces the story of Ellie and Joël in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies reign. The few uninfected humans find themselves doomed to try to survive, and the girl might just be the solution everyone’s been waiting for.

Inspired by the games of the same name, The Last of Us will focus on the first part of the story imagined by the Naughty Dog studio nearly 10 years ago. The sets, the narration, the costumes, everything seems to be respected to the letter… maybe a little too much? Little liberties seem to have been taken with the base material, which can turn out to be a trap as well as a blessing. To discover from next January 15 on HBO Max and possibly on Amazon in France.

Super Mario Bros. the film

After the advent of sonic at the movies, Mario returned to take his crown. The movie Super Mario Bros. is already shaping up to be the event of the year and has been garnering praise from all over the world since the release of its trailers. He says that the sets, the characters, the animations and even the French dubbing manage to sell us dreams.

Fans of the mustachioed hero still have a little trouble with the voice of Chris Pratt in the original language, but we should be pretty damn well off on the casting side in our green lands. Produced by Illumination (Minions), the film features two plumbers who find themselves propelled into a strange world that looks like video games. An epic to discover at the cinema March 19, 2023 in France.

Dungeons and Dragons

The latest production is technically not adapted from a video game but rather from a tabletop role-playing game. Dungeons and Dragons, also called D&D for friends, invites itself to the cinema with a medieval and fantastic film which promises to put stars in our eyes. Treasures, fights, dragons and… dungeons, everything plunges us into the ruthless and always full of surprises world of the famous role-playing game.

After recovering colors thanks to Stranger Things, the D&D universe offers its own film produced by Paramount Pictures starring the famous Chris Pine, but also Michelle Rodriguez and Regé-Jean Page. See you in the dark rooms from March 1, 2023 to find out, if possible surrounded by your best friends.

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