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3 good reasons to play Warner Bros’ smash-like



Super Smash Bros has to worry as a new competitor enters the ring: we tested it and we loved it!

Since July 26, a new nugget of fighting games has been available in open beta on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox. It is MultiVersusa platform fighter from Warner Bros and Player First Games that promises to smash the competition… After a closed beta and early access for a few days, the first game from the PFG studio is available for everyone and is already breaking records !

On the day of its release, the game reached a peak of 144,456 players on Steam and greatly exceeded other fighting games Dragon Ball Fighter Z, mortal kombat or brawlhalla, another free-to-play Smash-like that comes closest to the new kid on the block. This new license is already attracting players, but can it prove itself? After thirty hours of play, we have found you three great reasons to embark on the MultiVersus adventure

An effective free-to-play model

The main reason behind the sudden influx of players on the brand new title probably lies in the free-to-play format of the game. As it is possible to try it without spending a penny, the target audience is much wider. than other titles. But ultimately, more than being an additional attraction to attract crowds, the economic model of the game is rather well built and adapts very well to the genre.

Necessarily, a free-to-play game cannot exist without microtransactions. But in MultiVersus, these are not oppressive enough to become disturbing. Two currencies are offered: gold coins that you get by playing and Gleamium for (you guessed it) premium purchases such as skins and other cosmetics. Coins are collected quite naturally at the end of each game or by leveling up (whether it’s your account level or that of your characters).

The first battle pass of the beta season gives access to 15 tiers of rewards for a total of 30 items of all kinds. For only 300 Gleamiums (about 3€), this pass is offered at a more than reasonable price with a lot of really nice rewards. If this format continues in future seasons, MultiVersus might just have one of the most affordable models out there.

A gameplay with small onions

One of the main ingredients of MultiVersus remains its very well thought out gameplay. To stand out from other popular platform fighters, Player First Games has chosen to offer an original format. Indeed, where games like Smash Bros. and Brawhalla shine by the complexity of their matches in 1 against 1, MultiVersus bets on 2 versus 2 combat with mechanics forged around cooperation.

Each character falls into a class category with a very particular way of playing. As in a MOBA or an RPG, we then find support characters, mages, tanks, bruisers or assassins with very different objectives. It is then necessary to concoct a combination with effective synergy alongside your teammate. Still on the wave of RPGs, each character has a level that must be increased to obtain new passive skills to be used intelligently on the battlefield.

This cooperative aspect brings a real added value which allows to enrich the confrontations. Depending on the combinations of characters and skills, each new game will look different from the previous one. However, if you’re more of a solitary type, know that this Smash-like holds up just as well in 1 vs 1 even if some skills obviously lose their charm. A 4-player free-for-all mode is also available but more anecdotal than its friends.

This efficient gameplay is also carried by the characters and the attention to detail given to them. The different attack kits have been built around their own identity, multiplying the pleasure when you take them in hand. No attack or skill seems inconsistent and understanding how each character works is almost intuitive if you are familiar with the original work. Jake the dog’s springy moves or Batman’s arsenal of gadgets are just a few examples of so many perfectly developed ways to play.

A cast of concrete characters

Unsurprisingly, the charm of MultiVersus is in its five-star cast worn by the various Warner Bros. licenses. With characters from series, movies, cartoons and comics, the roster of cult franchises allows immediate attachment to this new game. Although this is the studio’s first title, it is worn by icons of pop culture and this crazy mix arouses curiosity. Nobody would have imagined Arya Stark fighting against Bugs Bunny and Steven Universe, but now it’s a reality.

Small plus not insignificant, the effort on the side of the dubbing and the hiring of the original actors allows an even stronger immersion. On the side of the VO, we find in particular the singer Estelle in the role of Garnet de Steven UniverseMaisie Williams as Arya Stark and even Matthew Lilliard known for his portrayal of Samy in the live-action films of Scooby Doo. The characters also interact with each other, giving rise to real moments of fan service.

Voice recordings and other clues have also allowed some dataminers to discover future additions to the game’s cast, and real VIPs are approaching. Gizmo from the Gremlins, Raven from the Teen Titans or Harry Potter are said to be preparing their entry into the multiverse… Next week, Rick and Morty will join the battle for the end of the beta scheduled for August 9.

The game developers also announced that the title would not be limited to Warner Bros licenses as long as the rights holders agree to loan their characters. The game’s alpha files notably revealed references to Eleven from Stranger Things. The future of this game looks bright and promises its share of small pleasures for fans of pop culture and fighting games. As a reminder, MultiVersus is already available for free on Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation and Xbox.

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