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3 months later, what is our verdict?



Our feedback 3 months after the commissioning of the new PlayStation Plus. Is the Premium subscription worth it?

On June 23, Sony released its brand new PlayStation Plus service, with two new formulas that were added to the basic formula, available for years. Thanks to this more than deserved overhaul, PlayStation players have been able to discover many recent titles, released on PS4 and PS5, but also to immerse themselves in classics from all console generations.

On top of that, Sony offered us the possibility to test certain titles thanks to free demos and to enjoy streaming on PC, in addition to all the basic advantages… at a substantial price. 3 months after its commissioning, we had time to study some of these long-term advantages. Here’s what we thought.

The catalog of PS4 and PS5 games

One of the key arguments of the new PlayStation Plus is their catalog of some 400 modern games, whether released on PS4 or PS5. From the first days of use, we had been able to observe that the titles offered were of a fairly wide variety, and that many of them came from illustrious licenses, sometimes present in number for some of them (Uncharted, Far Cryetc).

Over the three months, Sony was able to make some adjustments, with some hasty departures – the games concerned had already been present in the PlayStation Now catalog for a while – but above all with many more or less interesting arrivals. In July, we were treated to 15 new games, including an almost complete collection of Assassin’s Creedwhile in August 11 new games entered the catalog (including Yakuza), and 11 more in September.

In general, we are entitled to an update of the catalog once a month, and we note the departure of few titles. The advantage therefore remains in the camp of the players who can enjoy more and more games, which is moreover of quality. Note also the arrival of stray the day of its release, an event that the firm does not intend to make systematic or even reiterate as far as we know, but which was a pleasant surprise.

If we regret this decision a little – especially when we see that Microsoft is precisely betting on the spontaneity of exclusives – we understand it and we are already fully satisfied with what Sony has to offer us. We will notice all the same that we are very dealing with games optimized for the PS5, which is a real shame when you have the precious console. It remains to be seen if these will flow once the uses are popularized.

The catalog of classics

But PlayStation Plus Premium isn’t just about modern games. You also have access to some 300 so-called “classic” games that take us back to the memories of our childhood, and make us discover nuggets from another time. We go back more than 20 years alongside certain iconic characters. When it left the service, we tested Ape Escape or Toy Story 2two pillars of our early childhood.

However, we regretted the absence of trophies on a lot of classic titles, which we reiterate after three months of use. This is not dramatic either, but collectors and completers must still dream of being able to complete their favorite games now that they have a sense of perfection.

As for the games added, we were treated to a dozen new licenses over the three months, which is reasonable without being transcendent. We suspect that this type of gameplay is not favored by everyone, is still quite niche, but it is one of the only advantages that separates the Extra subscription from the Premium, so it is important. A greater regularity in updating the catalog would do us no harm.

As for the games themselves, we were treated to some interesting licenses, which will no doubt speak to the most gamers among you: The Sly Trilogy, Sly Cooper: Thieves Through Time, Toy Story 3 or No Heroes Allowed!.

Should you embark on the PS Plus Premium adventure?

As for the other advantages of PlayStation Plus Premium, we greatly appreciated the exclusive demos, a feature that has not changed a bit in a quarter of a year. The same goes for the interface of the PC application, which is still hampered by its lack of guided navigation and by its very (too) simplified appearance. Finally, just as we miss the PS5 versions of the games, the DualSense clearly has no role to play in this service which is just as optimized on PS4.

Overall, there is therefore no improvement in the points that were already overshadowing the board three months ago. Now, we understand that Sony is still running in with its new PlayStation Plus, and that the firm still has to get its bearings before completely betting on its service. The catalog refresh rate isn’t yet optimal or even regular, and it’s going to take some time before you see any significant changes in the way the company does things, especially if they refuse to release their first-party games. from the day of their release.

Over time, Sony is expected to acquire more third-party exclusives, such as strayand succeed in relying on trial versions of its big upcoming games such as God of War Ragnarok. The PlayStation Plus Premium therefore has some excellent surprises in store, and has the advantage of not being repeated compared to Microsoft’s subscription. It’s bound to have a few flaws, but is certainly worth its price, at least in its annual formula. Monthly, we would not count on such an investment, unless you have time to go around the 700 games offered.

PlayStation Plus price reminder

As a reminder, the PlayStation Plus Essential is a subscription service offered by Sony on its consoles giving you access each month to free downloadable games, often three or four in number, and allows you to play online multiplayer games. The basic subscription is available at prices of €8.99 per month, €24.99 per quarter or €59.99 per year.

As for the Extra and Premium games, they will be added to the catalog by September 20 and will remain available for streaming or download for an indefinite period. The Extra (400 PS4/PS5 games) or Premium (700 PS/PS2/PS3/PS4/PS5 games, PC streaming, free trials) packages are priced at €13.99 per month / €39.99 per quarter / €99.99 per year for the Extra formula or €16.99 per month / €49.99 per quarter / €119.99 per year for the Premium formula.

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