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3 sports we would like to see come back



Of all the Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort disciplines, which would you like to see return? We asked ourselves the question, and here is our selection of the 3 games that we would like to see added to Nintendo Switch Sports.

That’s it, Nintendo Switch Sports is indeed available on Nintendo’s hybrid console, to the delight of fans of Wii Sports. Being his direct successor, Nintendo Switch Sports incorporates many elements already present in Wii Sports and its version Resortsincluding a few disciplines, such as bowling, tennis and chambara (sword fighting).

In our Nintendo Switch Sports review, you’ll have noticed that one of the game’s only negatives is the lack of sports on offer. Contrary to Wii Sports Resortwhich had 12 disciplines, Nintendo Switch Sports only has 6. But while a 7th is coming this fall – it’s golf – we hope that in the future, Nintendo has planned a few other additions, via free updates or DLC. And we have some ideas of sports that we would like to see come back. Here are three.

Table tennis

It is truly the discipline that we miss the most in Nintendo Switch Sports. With two racket sports already in the game (badminton and tennis), we understand that Nintendo wanted to make a choice. Nevertheless, table tennis is a mode that allows intense matches, without too many techniques and therefore particularly accessible. Available in Wii Sports Resortit is a discipline that we miss terribly and that we would like to see come back as soon as possible.


The second discipline that we would like Nintendo to add is simply cycling. Already present in Wii Sports Resortbut also in Wii Fit Plus, the bike is a must with the gyroscope controllers. Recently, dataminers managed to discover that free roaming (free movement in an area) could be added to Nintendo Switch Sportssince files related to it exist.

We can therefore already imagine that we could do laps around the sports complex, or even walk around freely, out of competition, in Spocco Square. Anyway, we love this idea.


We end with an essential of the first game Wii Sports : boxing. Although we don’t particularly like combat sports, boxing had the merit of using the gyroscope function of the controllers in a very natural way, which emphasized precision and timing. That’s why we’d like to see her return, perhaps in another form, tapping on fake characters or timed hit targets and dodge attacks.

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