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5 incredible games under 15 euros



There are bound to be some of those games that catch your eye, but never dare to buy. It is time.

It’s not the sales period yet, and yet the PlayStation Store is celebrating. In the promotions tab, Sony has just created a temporary category dedicated to games under 15 euros. Surprisingly, a large amount of titles are on the list, and many of them are definitely worth shelling out those few bucks. If you don’t know what to choose, here are 5 of our recommendations that won’t make you regret opening the wallet.

Attention, these promotions are only valid until May 26th.

Bioshock The Collection

Available at €9.99 instead of €49.99

Saga initiated in 2007, Bioshock is a first-person shooter transporting you to a particularly beautiful underwater world, and above all filled with stories. The collection includes all 3 games Bioshock remastered, so you won’t be bored with just this one purchase. If it is a game that is worth it, it is above all for its engaging narration and its world beyond immersion (it is the case to say it).

Moonlighter Complete Edition

Available at €6.47 instead of €23.99

Moonlighter appeals to fans of Pixel Art as well as fans of adventure games and RPGs. In this title as colorful as it is entertaining, you play as a merchant named Will who is not only there to run his shop, but must sometimes fight enemies and go on adventures in order to become a hero. Its game system bordering on rogue-lite makes it the perfect ally for your video game evenings.

Axiom Verge

Available at €8.99 instead of €17.99

Another game in Pixel art, this time a little older, Axiom Verge is an action-adventure game that blurs the boundaries between realities. You play as a scientist who, inadvertently, finds himself stuck in a strange biomechanical universe full of secrets. the goal is to manage to get out of it, but above all to understand its mysteries, sometimes at the risk of one’s life. A thrilling and captivating title from start to finish.


Available at €2.24 and €4.99 instead of €8.99 and €19.99

In the genre of small narrative games, Limbo and Inside lead the dance. Developed by the same studio, these are two distinct titles but which sport exactly the same mechanisms, as well as the same somewhat gloomy atmosphere, which is why they generally go together. Luckily, with the promotion, buying both games will always cost you less than €15! Do not hesitate to take a look, especially since they are also accessible to complete beginners.

Unravel Two

Available at €4.99 instead of €19.99

We end this selection with a cooperative game for quality evenings with friends, family or lovers. Unravel Two is an adventure game in which it is absolutely necessary to be two to advance. You and your playmate play as two little woolen dolls making their way through a world that is both hostile and fabulous. Reflection and logic are required, and conflicts are to be avoided at all costs.

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