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5 new games in your subscription not to be missed!



Netflix continues its entry into the gaming market with a slew of new games announced during Geeked Week.

If you didn’t know it yet, your Netflix subscription now gives you access to a whole host of mobile games, directly from the streaming service application, and at no additional cost. While the selection seemed rather smaller at the launch of the service, Netflix’s games catalog now has no less than 22 titles and plans to reach the symbolic bar of 50 by the end of the year.

On the occasion of Netflix Geeked Week, the streaming giant announced a package of new games inspired by its licenses. In addition to this, the N rouge is solidifying its offer through partnerships with recognized studios. So as not to get lost in these announcements, we invite you to discover the 5 titles that you should not miss in your Netflix subscription in the months to come.

Shadow and Bone: Destinies

The Netflix fantasy series will be entitled to its own role-playing game developed exclusively for the platform. The German studio Chimera Entertainment is adapting the successful series in a narrative video game format. Players will be able to make their own decisions and influence the course of the story in this upcoming single-player game.


Published by Devolver Digital and developed by the Japanese team Team Poinpy, the game of the same name offers simple and effective gameplay adapted to the mobile format. The goal is simple: climb as high as possible by bouncing to feed the beast at the bottom of the screen. The artistic direction is chewable and the handling effective, making poinpy the perfect title to take everywhere and occupy transport journeys or long moments in a waiting room.

Lucky Luna

Fans of pixel-art platforming will find their account here with Lucky Luna, a new title from Canadian studio Snowman. A mysterious adventure will be offered to players who will have to explore dungeons and other mystical temples. See you very soon to discover the charming universe of Lucky Luna.

Money Heist

This adaptation seems the most obvious, and it finally arrives in the Netflix game catalog. The hit Spanish series is getting its own action game that will put players right in the middle of a heist. With the main setting being a magnificent casino in the city of Monaco run by a malicious millionaire, you will have to use your reflexes to carry out this operation and come out alive.


There is no longer any need to present this title which had conquered console and PC players with its moving story and its moral on life. Spiritfarer puts us in the shoes of a soul ferryman who will have to lead the deceased who are not unknown to her to safety. As relaxing as it is addictive, the title will arrive on mobile for the first time via Netflix subscription later this year.

Always more games!

In addition to these few titles that promise to be memorable, Netflix’s games catalog will soon welcome a slew of other titles to satisfy all types of gamers:

  • Checkers game – Chess
  • High Voltage Seduction
  • Desta: The Memories Between
  • Terra Nile
  • Reigns: Three Kingdoms
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic

An official blog post from the streaming platform allows you to dive into more detail in each of these projects on the way to the platform very soon. While waiting for these new titles, you can already find in your subscription many games that are really worth the detour such as Exploding KittensGames Stranger Things, Moonlighter and many others.

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