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5 single-player games to take on vacation



Whether you’re going on vacation to the mountains, to the tropics, or staying at home, you’ll always need a good game to go with you.

Summer is approaching and with it its holiday atmosphere, its rays of sunshine and its moments of relaxation. While it’s good to disconnect from time to time, bringing something to do on your vacation won’t hurt either. That’s why we invite you to discover our selection of games on Nintendo Switch to have on hand for this summer 2022, titles to play solo during long journeys, while resting on the beach or even staying at home if ever. you have not opted for a tropical destination this year.

video game workshop

If you knew the famous holiday notebooks when you were younger, then you know full well that summer does not always rhyme with idleness. Whether you are a fan of learning through play or just curious, video game workshop is made for you. It’s a title that teaches you how to program your own video games through an accessible and entertaining visual system.

video game workshop contains nodons, which represent every aspect necessary for programming a game and you can manipulate them as you wish, or combine them with other nodons, to create what you are asked for or your free access game . Everything is possible with Nintendo!

Discover The video game workshop

Kirby and the Forgotten World

It’s one of the games that marked our beginning of the year on Nintendo Switch. Kirby and the Forgotten World is an adventure game that caught our eye as its universe is so chewable (literally). We loved its soundscape, but also its graphics or even its essential classic levels.

In this title, your mission is to free the Waddle Dees who have been captured by the pack of beasts. To do this, you must use Kirby’s many powers, and rely on your new friend Elfilin. An adventure that promises to be epic and very colorful.

Discover Kirby and the Forgotten World

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

It will undoubtedly be one of the flagship games of 2022. The new adventure Lego Star Wars promises to take you into the universe of the 3 Star Wars cinematic trilogies, for dense, but fun and above all unique gameplay. In this title, you have the possibility of embodying more than 300 characters, some of which will let you choose the course of your story at certain key moments.

You should also be able to pilot ships from the movies, or even fight iconic enemies and thus relive by proxy the epic destiny of your favorite heroes.

Discover Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Hollow Knight

This is the only game that is not brand new, but we had to include it for many reasons. the first is thatHollow Knight is one of the most epic single-player adventures that should keep you going all summer long with its rich universe and addictive gameplay. In this game, you play as a little knight whose mission is to explore an underground world full of corrupt insects and mysteries to solve.

As you explore the areas, you gain special powers, but also items and knowledge to use, as well as experience in the field that will make you retrace your steps to unlock new paths. An almost endless adventure that must be (re)discovered before the release of the second opus, whose gameplay has just been revealed.

Discover Hollow Knight

We Are OFK

We end this selection with a game of a completely different genre, which should appeal to fans of storytelling and music. We Are OFK follows the adventures of the indie pop group OFK, made up of four members with busy lives. From their beginnings as friends, to their first album, through their galleys and their loves, you live at all times and in an interactive way the adventures of the group through 5 episodes and 5 music videos.

The opportunity to live a life that is not yours for a summer and to imagine yourself as a popstar on the front of the stage. The game’s release date has yet to be announced, but it should arrive this summer.

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