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a 2022 World Cup mode leaked before time



The FIFA World Cup in Qatar continues to be divisive for its lack of ethics, but a video game version is surfacing ahead of its launch.

The last Fifa of history has just arrived on consoles and PC. Although this license was thought to be immortal because of its worldwide success, the face of the game of football will soon change for better or for worse. In 2022, EA has made the decision to move away from FIFA and no longer produce their games in partnership with the official body.. FIFA 23 then imposed itself as the last of a long line before the arrival ofEA Sports FC next year. Despite this major change, the studio seems to be ready to do anything to mark the occasion one last time and offer a glorious edition.

Barely released, the title has already accumulated 10.3 million simultaneous players, a real record once again testifying to the success of the franchise. Not without a few hiccups (especially on the side of FUT packs and overloaded servers), the title seems to have a bright future ahead of it and that, EA has understood. Although players were expecting a possible World Cup mode to coincide with the event taking place in Qatar, they surely weren’t expecting to see it appear on their console well before its time. Some PS5 players had the chance to discover this in-game event before everyone else and did not fail to leak all the information about it on social networks.

The World Cup at your fingertips

The event in preparation for the start of the FIFA World Cup next November seems to be already ready since players have been able to discover some details before the hour. The leak took place on the PS5 version of the title. Four game modes arise from this digital version of the World Cup : FIFA World Cup Live, FIFA World Cup Kick-Off, Online Tournament and FIFA World Cup 2022. Without revealing the characteristics of each mode, players know at least that the month of November will offer its share of new features to experience the World Cup in another way.

48 teams will be playable, 16 more than the number of teams qualified for the real championship. Enough to give players the opportunity to push the team of their choice to victory. No date has yet been announced by EA, but now that this leak has taken place, it won’t be long. It’s a safe bet that this event will not be available on the Switch version of the titlesince this “Legacy” version of FIFA 23 is simplified and does not offer the same content as the other versions.

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