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A bloodthirsty gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated Diablo IV!



The wait was very long, but the gameplay of Diablo IV is well worth it.

It was one of the most anticipated games of 2021, and it ended up showing up. Diablo IV has been eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise for many months now, and it wasn’t the recent release of Diablo Immortal that managed to satiate their appetites. It is thanks to Xbox and its conference with Bethesda that we were able to have news of the game, through a new gameplay trailer.

For age verification reasons, you will have to go on watch on youtube. During the showcase, the developers at Blizzard made a point of specifying that, in spite of the very familiar appearances of the game – both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the environment – ​​certain novelties are to be expected. Players will have many more options for customizing their character, for example, and will even be able to adapt their fighting style according to their preferences. Similarly, the story will be further impacted by user choices.

An even more bloodthirsty opus

They also warn Diablo IV don’t do lace. It’s an opus that wants to be even darker and more distressing than the first ones, in addition to being bloodier. The very soul of a Diablo in a game that sports much more modern and comfortable specificities, without necessarily being easier to understand.

Most of the fights that have been presented to us have shown that the enemies will often be outnumbered and that it will be necessary to redouble their efforts to bring them down without being killed first. you can also face other players in very special areas, dedicated to this purpose.

On the story side, the developers promise us a much more engaging game, but also much deeper. They emphasize the end of Diablo IV, which will open more doors than it will close. But to find out all that, we will have to wait a little longer. It looks like the game won’t be released until 2023, at a date that’s still unknown. It will therefore be necessary to be patient

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