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A Boxing Day without a crowd | Press



As new restrictions begin in Quebec on Sunday, the traditional Boxing Day promises to be rather quiet. No crowds this year at the opening of shops and shopping centers at the passage of Press in the morning.

Most businesses opened their doors at 10 a.m. across the province. Several big box stores will be open around 1 p.m. This is also the case for SAQ and SQDC establishments.

In front of the Best Buy branch in downtown Montreal, customers looking for good discounts are trickling in. They wait quietly in line, as they are informed of the limit of 77 customers inside.

Remember that stores can only receive 50% of their capacity, ie one person per 20 m².

No rush either at Carrefour Laval, where a few bargain hunters waited outside an hour before the Apple store opened.


Customers enter Carrefour Laval to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales.

Among them, Dylan, Lorenzo and Anthony, a trio surprised by the low traffic. They left Mascouche and Blainville early to make sure they completed their purchases quickly.


From left to right: Dylan, Lorenzo and Anthony

New guidelines in effect

The new restrictions announced by Quebec on December 22 come into force on Sunday to deal with the outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

Groupings in houses are now limited to a maximum of six people from two different family bubbles.

Restaurants can serve a maximum of six clients per table or occupants of two different residences. The same goes for gatherings in public places. For weddings and funerals, a maximum of 25 people is allowed.

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