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a free DLC marks the return of these cult characters!



That’s it: Mario Strikers Battle League Football has the right to its first wave of free content to the delight of fans!

On June 10, the license Mario Strikers was making a comeback to Nintendo Switch after a 15-year absence. As a result of such expectation, players have been demanding of this new title. Indeed, although this one is full of fun, it is unfortunately not full of content. This glaring lack will have earned him the wrath of some critics, but never mind: Nintendo just announced a whole wave of free content to come and bail out his game and satisfy the players.

Nintendo makes its transfer window

These are two familiar faces that have been added to the already very iconic cast of this Mario Strikers Battle League Football. While the regulars of the series were surprised by the absence of Daisy when the game was released, Nintendo catches up by including the princess in this first free DLC. At his side, it is Maskass who will join the other enemies of the Mario universe was already part of the roster.

In addition to these two new characters, the Kyoto firm is enhancing its sports simulation with an exclusive equipment set to improve strength and shooting as well as a desert terrain to spice up the games. Nintendo is also taking advantage of this announcement to unveil two more free packs containing characters, equipment and terrains to come by the end of the year. This burst of content is going to give a much-needed boost to Mario Strikersbut this new habit of the manufacturer poses a problem for players.

Fragment to last longer

Since the era of the Switch, some Nintendo games have followed a new format that is not unanimous among gamers. Tested during the Wii U era with the release of Splatoonthis format consists of spreading the content of the game over a long period in order to convince players to come back regularly and increase the life of the title.

While this model adapts well to the multiplayer format of a game like Splatoon offering new weapons on a periodic basis, the success of the formula cannot relate to all licenses. And yet these free content updates now abound in the productions of the Kyoto firm. Animal Crossing, Switch Sports and so many others suffer from this new habit that seems to lose players in titles empty of content for several months.

Although the initiative has the merit of offering free content, it is a shame to see the games released in a state far from their real potential. Critics are multiplying, and it is to be hoped that Nintendo will review its operation to return to a classic format that knew how to satisfy players from all walks of life.

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