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a leak reveals new unpublished images



Ubisoft’s Sea of ​​Thieves is finally unveiled after 5 years without news following an internal playtest leak.

We didn’t believe it anymore, and yet it’s back. After disappearing into the depths of a media ocean, Skull & Bones finally gives a sign of life thanks to a gameplay trailer on the run on Reddit after internal testing at Ubisoft.

Announced in 2017, what was originally going to be a huge DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag became a standalone naval battle simulator project. However, after this announcement and an originally scheduled release date of 2019, the game has not given any news and then cast doubt on a possible cancellation or a total reboot in development.

Some employees of the Singapore studio had also confided in Kotaku and revealed chaotic development for the game that changed direction almost every week. Ubisoft then formalized its postponement and change of direction, with the aim of becoming a real competitor to the piracy game from Microsoft Studios and Rare, Sea of ​​Thieves.

Rest assured, freshwater sailors, the game is on the right track, and we’re finally getting plenty of information about it.

One day I will be the best pirate

The short gameplay presentation reveals the social dimensions of the game inherent in the theme of piracy. A huge hub in the shape of the island of Sainte-Anne will allow you to meet other players, trade and prepare for your adventures on the high seas.

This is also where you can get your contracts and start your quest to become the most respected pirate in these waters. Indeed, the social aspect of the game will be very important, and your rank will be representative of your place in the thankless world of pirates. The trailer then explains that “you will start your journey as an outsider, and your goal will then be to become the most notorious pirate to navigate these waters”.

This notoriety system will be at the very heart of the experience, and will be affected by your actions and different missions. You will be able to increase your reputation by completing co-op contracts with up to 3 players, and it will decrease if you fail miserably.

Despite the social aspect of the game, it will still be possible to enjoy the game entirely on your side if you prefer quieter sea trips like a lone wolf.

After this leak revealing the entire concept of the game, it is very likely that Ubisoft will follow very quickly with an official announcement and a possible release date to satisfy the players who have been (im)patiently waiting since 2017.

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