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a new (and incredible) trailer for the HBO series



HBO unveils a second trailer for its next hit series The Last of Us.

It will surely be less popular than House of the Dragon, but The Last of Us is shaping up to be the next most anticipated HBO series. Scheduled for the beginning of the year, the adaptation of the video games of the same name has long been discreet, but has recently revealed many details, starting with its cast thanks to visually incredible posters.

As its release date is fast approaching, the firm is sharing a new trailer with us. This one presents us with new plot elements, which once again seem to fit perfectly with the content of the first The Last of Us game. already been able to experience joystick in hand.

The clappers are coming

If we had to make freeze frames every second of the trailer, it looks like the series The Last of Us looks exactly like the Naughty Dog game released almost 10 years ago on PS3. Already encouraged in its casting choice for the characters of Ellie and Joel, HBO seduces us a little more by showing us more of the chemistry between Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. The two actors seem to be made for this role of rebellious young teenager and survivalist father figure.

We also find the emblematic sets of the game, while our duo will have to cross the country in search of answers and an ultimate hope. On their way, Joel and Ellie will have to face some of their greatest fears, including infected and the famous clickers that have made the title famous on all platforms and all social networks.

Soon available… but not in France

For those unfamiliar with the game The Last of Us, it tells the story of Joel, a father who lost everything following an epidemic that transformed humans into walking zombies. That’s when he meets Ellie, an infected young girl who seems to be immune. He must then deliver her to a paramilitary group at the other end of the country with the aim of finding a cure. To find out how it looks, go to next January 15 on HBO Max.

As the service is not yet available in France, the series could be broadcast on OCS which holds the rights to the HBO series so far, but this has not yet been officially announced since the contract between the two entities is coming to an end. term at the end of 2022 and that it has not yet been renewed. We are therefore still in the most total vagueness on the availability of The Last of Us in France.

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