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The Nintendo Switch Online catalog is enriched with a classic episode of an icon of the Kyoto firm, playable in a few days.

Definitely, Samus Aran has been in the spotlight on Nintendo Switch lately. After a remaster that looks like a perfect remake for Metroid Prime, another throwback for the bounty hunter with another adventure from her past. In the last Nintendo Direct, the Kyoto firm notably announced the arrival of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games in the Online subscription.

Only the Game Boy is accessible to all subscribers, while holders of the formula with the Additional Pack can take advantage of the catalog of the 32-bit version of the retro console. Until now, the titles offered since the launch already made it possible to revisit many classics of the time. However, it is impossible for Nintendo to miss the phenomenon Metroid growing in popularity on Switch.

Waiting Metroid Prime 4players can now rediscover the beginnings of Metroid Dread In Metroid Fusionthe Game Boy Advance episode released on November 22, 2002 in Europe.

The Samus Cruise

In this opus, the heroine comes close to death attacked by a deadly virus, the X parasite. Samus is saved by an injection of Metroid DNA, but finds herself merging with the organism contained in her armor. In addition to being an excellent title, Metroid Fusion precedes the events of Metroid Dreadreleased for Switch in October 2021.

In addition to accompanying the youngest of the franchise, the arrival of this title in the Nintendo Switch Online catalog completes the collection. In effect, it is now possible to play all Metroids in 2D on the hybrid console from the Kyoto firm. With Metroid And Super Metroid on NES and Super NES then Metroid II: Return of Samus And Metroid Fusion on Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, the family is complete.

Finally, all that’s missing is the rest of the Prime games so that the main episodes of the franchise are all accessible on the same console. Wouldn’t this be the revival of Samus? In any case, we can’t wait to find out Metroid Prime 4 which we have been waiting for for 5 years now.

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