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a new multiplayer game between Fortnite and Indiana Jones



A new shooter out of nowhere promises an extraordinary experience between battle royale, adventures and looting.

hawked falls like a hair on the soup but already looks promising. The studio unveils its first game of its own in the form ofa multifaceted shooter. Announced in a short animated trailer reminiscent of the graphic style of Fortnite, this little new one has the merit of creating a surprise. The colorful trailer and its characters halfway between IndianaJones and the Guardians of the Galaxy already raise many questions. Barely revealed, the title is already ready to welcome its first players through a closed alpha which will take place very soon.

Indeed, the most curious gamers will be able to embark on a short test period from November 24 to 28. Four short days during which only a certain mode “Hunt” will be available to get early feedback on core gameplay. But what does this game have in store for the announcement and the gameplay as intriguing as the other?

A shooter like no other

Propelled to a mysterious island, players will have to collect as many treasures as possible and manage to escape in one piece. However, the traps of the mystical temples and the assaults of the adversaries will give a hard time to the adventurers in search of wealth. In teams of three or solo, the Hunting mode will therefore offer PvPvE gameplay where the dangers lie both in enemies controlled by the AI ​​and against flesh and blood players.

Equipped with a whip that is reminiscent of a certain adventurer from Lucasfilm, players can perform many acrobatics to escape others or catch treasures at medium distance. With such unprecedented gameplay, hawked could establish itself among the giants of shooting games thanks to an extraordinary experience. If you want to learn more and sign up for the alpha scheduled in a few days, the game teams give you an appointment at their official website.

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