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A new Sega franchise soon adapted to the cinema?



After the success of the adaptation of the adventures of Sonic on the big screen, Sega would prepare the adaptation of another cult license.

sonic 2 continues to prove itself in our cinemas, showing that video game adaptations can (sometimes) keep their promises. This time, it’s the turn of a fighting game from Sega to receive its film adaptation.

Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter behind the saga John Wick would have written a first script adapting the beat them all cult of the Mega Drive, Streets of Rage, for the big screen. The apple never falls far from the tree since the teams in charge of the two films of the blue hedgehog also seem to be working on this fresh project.

Fighting game and cinema, a funny pair

Fighting games have often been adapted to the cinematrying to ride on the success of the martial arts films of the 80s and 90s. However, few are the truly successful adaptations, with some so bad that they have become cult. street fighter will notably have had the right to its cinematographic version with none other than Jean Claude Van Damme at the head of the bill.

The last release of the genre dates from last year, with an adaptation of mortal kombat almost 24 years after the previous one. This would have deserved a simple “FINISH HIM” before seeing the light of day on our screens as it marked a defeat for the franchise and the practice of video game adaptations in general (find our review of the film here).

More nostalgia

However, an adaptation of Sega’s cult fighting franchise could score some points that other films in the genre have never managed to achieve.

The nostalgia of the game 90sof its electro music and sound vintage aesthetic could make this adaptation a real turning point for fighting game movies. Sega is already betting on nostalgia with the marketing of his films sonicand this could therefore be the spearhead of the film Streets of Rage. Also, since the games in this franchise focus more on their gameplay than on a deep story, the way is clear from a narrative point of view.

If Sega and the film crews manage to provide a vintage experience worthy of their fighting game, it is quite possible that this film project will manage to find a place in the world of cinema as the blue hedgehog has just done.

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