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a new trailer especially for the PS5



Players on PS5 will be able to benefit from an unprecedented immersion by playing Hogwarts Legacy.

As has been the tradition since the release of the PS5, Sony is unveiling a new trailer to promote the immersion of its next-generation console. This time it’s Hogwarts Legacy which lends itself to the exercise and which reviews all the features of the PS5 and the DualSense that will make us live a real experience in the world of wizards.

It’s the DualSense that chooses its player

First of all, Sony explains that its controller will serve as a link between our character and the world around him. As you will have understood, it is the Muggle equivalent of the wizard’s wand. To make us feel the magic around us, Hogwarts Legacy will support haptic feedback from the DualSense. These will transcribe the different textures of the environments, and can even make us feel the sensations of flight and train travel in a realistic way. For combat sensations, they will be present only on the right side, to really have a stick effect.

The adaptive triggers will be very useful for feeling the strength of the attacks that we inflict, but also during calmer phases, each time our wand casts a spell, and this with a variable degree of intensity. A nice little extra, the touchpad lighting will match the color of your house so everyone knows you’re on the best team (for those who aren’t Gryffindors, it does too).

As always, the performance of the PS5 will allow you to enjoyHogwarts Legacy in 4K (with a compatible screen), 3D audio, reduced loading times and impressive calculation speed, allowing environments to be provided in real time. Nothing really new on this side, although we can’t wait to see what it looks like on the magical settings of Hogwarts and around.

Still no release date

While this is all great news, Warner Bros. still does not reveal the release date ofHogwarts Legacywhich is still scheduled for the end of year celebrations 2022. As this release window approaches, we hope to be entitled to a precise date soon, as well as a real new trailer that tells us more about the gameplay of the title as well as on its history, which is still rather vague.

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