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a player spends thousands and gets stuck



The pay-to-win has its excesses, but when this practice penalizes players who go to the checkout, it’s on a whole different level.

Released since June 2, Diablo Immortal continues to make headlines for one (very sad) reason: its controversial business model. Forged around abusive microtransactions, this new title from Blizzard did not fail to destabilize the regulars of the franchise. While obtaining legendary equipment usually takes many hours of gameplay, in Diablo Immortal, you have to take out your credit card. With a simulation, players had revealed the astronomical amount of expenses necessary for optimized gear.

After some math, the spawn rate of Legendary Gems would require spending around $100,000 to get decent gear. A YouTuber by the name of jtisallbusiness had fun shelling out this staggering sum to upgrade his Barbarian in Blizzard’s mobile game. The problem is that he was far from imagining being blocked because of its excessive power.

It’s all about balance

Shortly after the official release of the game, the player hastened to spend a fortune in order to climb to the top of the leaderboard. By beating each of his opponents in the game’s PvP mode, the YouTuber got what he wanted, but this title comes with another price: the impossibility of continuing the games against players. Indeed, his MMR (matchmaking rank) is so high that the game cannot include him in a game with other users.

Result of the races, jtisallbusiness is unable to take part in the latest event and therefore cannot help his clan for the Rite of Exile. The access quest requires taking part in a game in player versus player mode, a simple feat now impossible for the videographer. This one explains having to waiting 48-72 hours in a queue that never gets anywhere. Contacted on this subject, Blizzard had promised a solution which has still not arrived.

Unsurprisingly, this sweet, non-voluntary punishment makes players who are critical of this economic model happy. While some laugh it off, others are shocked by the amount injected into the game by the videographer: “That moment when someone’s Diablo character is almost worth my entire bank loan” expresses a user of Reddit. Although it is bad to laugh at the misfortune of others, it must be admitted that this situation has the merit of being comical as it reveals the major concern of pay-to-win titles. You are therefore warned: do not spend €100,000 on Diablo Immortal or you will find yourself excluded from PvP mode.

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