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A PlayStation game is coming to PC with new game modes



Sifu is coming to PC imminently with 5 new game modes, also available on console.

Last year, martial arts fans got their hands on a visually stunning game with challenging gameplay. It is Sifu, an adventure that puts you in control of a Kung-Fu master out for revenge. If he had caused a sensation for his free interpretation of films of the genre, many have been waiting for a year for the release of the game modes promised by the studio.

Sloclap has good news, these are arriving on time, with a bonus PC version of the game. Both will be released at the same time. next March 28. Of course, the game modes will be free and included in the PC version of Sifu from its launch. See them in action in this new trailer shared by the studio.

This short video presents the 5 game modes, including some great classics. We note for example the arrival of a mode against the clock, a survival mode composed of several waves of enemies or the manhunt mode. All of these modes give you access to 9 different arenas and 45 new challenges.

Players will therefore have plenty to take care of for the next few weeks. After this free update, however, we do not know what to expect for Sifu. Sloclap had stopped its roadmap at this fourth update, so we don’t know what awaits us in the future. Sifu is all the same a game which knew how to complement and reinvent itself in a very pleasant way for a whole year. If the video game updates stop, the universe will continue in the cinema with a film adaptation already announced.

Price and availability

It is still available on PS4 and PS5 for €39.99 for the classic edition and €49.99 for the deluxe edition, but also on Nintendo Switch. No price difference between console generations, but owners of the deluxe edition can still get their hands on the game’s official soundtrack as well as an exclusive artbook. On PC (Steam), Sifu does not yet display a price but it should not be different from that practiced on consoles.

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