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a promising trailer for the HBO series!



HBO unveils a new trailer for the series The Last of Us, which we are eagerly awaiting for 2023.

September 26 is a day that fans of The Last of Us have been etched in stone since 2013. Almost 10 years after the release of the first eponymous game, Naughty Dog is still celebrating its ever-growing franchise. For good reason, the second video game opus was a real success, and the license is even about to shine on the small screen thanks to a series commissioned by HBO.

This one may be discreet, but it remains one of the most anticipated productions of the year 2023. While waiting to discover it for good, the company took advantage of this day of celebrations to unveil a new trailer, images that we consider promising at first glance.

A few months ago, we had already been entitled to some images in the form of a short teaser. This time it is with a trailer in good and due form that HBO creates the surprise. We logically see the pandemic ravaging the world, and the brains of those infected at the same time. Taking center stage are the incredible Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the title roles of Joel and Ellie respectively.

Still no release date on the program, but fans will at least have been able to revel in capturing many references to video games, whether in the writings on the wall, the iconic scenes or even certain faithfully reproduced sets. A trailer that already promises us a little nugget.

A The Last of Us Day rather busy

In addition to this trailer, Naughty Dog has unveiled several merchandise, such as two vinyl reissues of the soundtracks of The Last of Us Part I and Part II. The firm also unveiled the winners of the photo competition organized each year, 19 photos in total were selected. Finally, players can now take advantage of a range of cosmetic items such as Gifs, a wallpaper but also a ton of physical accessories: clothes, key rings or even tableware bearing the image of the games.

In parallel, Naughty Dog has shared a new trailer for the remake The Last of Us Part I, this time including the press notes since the title has been available since September 2. If you want to know ours, go to our test.

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