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A speedrunner smashes his record on Super Mario 64



Nothing can stop this speedrunner, who puts his opponents three trains ahead in an epic way.

Some of the oldest games – we’re talking about titles that are between 20 and 35 years old – have a few opportunities to afford a second youth. If it’s not by preserving and highlighting the cultural assets of the retrogaming movement, it’s thanks to a certain category of players who practice speedrunning. As its name suggests, it is a way of playing which consists of completing a game as quickly as possible, respecting certain rules or not.

If international competitions exist to highlight this incredible hobby, it is very often everyday life that has surprises in store for us. This is once again the case with Super Mario 64, which is at the heart of a real event. Suigi, an experienced speedrunner, has just broken his own record on the game (original Japanese version) by several seconds. Suffice to say that he now digs a gap between him and the other enthusiasts.

To put this feat in context, you should know that Suigi was already defending champion, with a record time of 14m 48s 580ms on the clock. A feat which had propelled him to first place, at the time when the master in the matter was the speedrunner Slipperynip with two small seconds more – which is already enormous in this environment. It was only a few months later that Suigi repeated the experiment and smashed his own time…by five full seconds!

Posted at 14m 43s 580ms, the record for Super Mario 64 is one of the most coveted since the discovery of a new special technique, scrounging seconds at level 9 of the game. Suigi took advantage of this trick, one of the most recent, as well as others twists and turns to get there. You can see the skill of the player for yourself in the video that records his achievement. Note that the gap between first and second place widened to 7 seconds.

Of course, this mastery can one day be equaled or even surpassed because the world of speedrunning never stops. It seems all the same that the record holder is still very young, so he has plenty of time to improve further, and who knows, beat his best time for the second time before another takes his title.

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