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A tattoo = access to the beta for Diablo IV!



Despite the cold shower caused by Diablo Immortal on mobiles, fans of the universe created by Blizzard are still numerous to want to rub shoulders with Diablo IV. The release is scheduled for sometime next year, but anyone who would like to test the future beta has a way to achieve their ends…

Say of Diablo IV that this is an expected game is an understatement. The next episode of hack’n’slash from Blizzard should mark the grand return of the franchise, since Diablo III released in 2012… And perhaps wash away the affront of Diablo Immortalthe smartphone game that was badly received due to its countless micro-transactions.

A Bodily Tribute to Diablo

Diablo IV is due out on major home consoles and Windows sometime next year. It is now for Blizzard to raise the sauce, and this requires original initiatives. The true die-hard fans of the franchise will be able to participate in the game’s beta… if they agree to get a tattoo!

Blizzard, which also wants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game, is organizing a Diablo Hell’s Ink throughout the summer in eight cities around the world. The European stages are set for London (August 13) and Berlin (August 18). Each event will be an opportunity for the greatest artists to create and above all to ink tattoos inspired by the world of Diablo.

Players who participated in a contest (they had to say on social networks what Diablo represented for them) and selected will not only receive a tattoo made by these artists, but also and above all access to the beta of Diablo IV !

Anyone who hasn’t won an invite will still be able to come into the studios to get flash tattoos inked, on a first-come, first-served basis. And players who love Diablo but don’t want a tattoo can still register online at the site official of the game and try their luck to participate in the beta.

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