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a trailer for the remake that promises to reinvent horror



The classic video game horror returns in a sublimated version which was unveiled a little more during Gamescom 2022.

Horror Reimagined” (hear horror reimagined) is the ambitious slogan of the remake of the famous horror games Layers of Fear. This new version aims to give birth to the ultimate version of the two episodes of the license. Rebuilt entirely with the power of the Unreal Engine 5, this edition already promises a grandiose horrific spectacle. The DLC Inheritance of the first game will of course be included, but this new version will not only retrace the events of these titles that many already know.

The Bloober Team studio (also known for Blair Witch Where Medium) had already announced that this version would have the right to new gameplay elements, but also and above all new narrative elements to complete what had been told in the original versions. When the game was announced at Summer Game Fest, it was described as “a horrifying and psychedelic chronicle” tracing the events of the two titles. simply titled Layers of Fears, fear will be present in the plural in a game with a still mysterious structure. Indeed, nothing indicates whether the two stories will intertwine or not since the developers promise a new narrative. For now, an additional chapter was unveiled at Gamescom in a trailer as beautiful as it is distressing.

An overlay of fear

Each game of the license invites us to follow an artist in an adventure full of hallucinations to make us lose our heads. With a painter in the first episode and an actor in its sequel, the remake of the game will also invite us to take control of a new character that fans of the franchise will immediately recognize. It is the wife of the painter from the first game, who will close this narrative arc in an exclusive chapter entitled “The Final Note. It is his turn to lose all sense of reality in this new opus which promises to be spectacular and terrifying if we are to believe the images of the trailer.

If you can’t wait to (re)discover these cult horror games, you’ll have to be patient since no release date has been announced yet. However, the developers promise release early next year. Layers of Fears will then be playable on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series and will put ray-tracing among other next-gen technologies at the service of fear.

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