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A video game The Mandalorian would be in preparation at Xbox



Rumors are swirling around a possible Xbox exclusivity for an MMO The Mandalorian.

Another Star Wars game? According to the rumors, it would seem so. After 3 games announced by EA, one by Quantic Dream, and another by Amy Hennig, it’s Xbox’s turn to associate its name with the famous franchise. Indeed, some rumors claim that an MMO Star Wars would be in preparation at the green team, and this exclusively. But unlike the other announced games, this one should join another big name in the universe: The Mandalorian. We take stock of the rumours.

It was the famous Nick Backer, co-founder of the site, who started the rumors no earlier than last year. He claimed then that an MMO The Mandalorian was under development, but we had no more details on this subject, except that it was Microsoft that had the heavy task of creating this game. Today, the emeritus youtubeur SkullziTV explains to us that it It is the Zenimax Online studio which should be in charge of its development.

As a reminder, Zeminax Online was among the studios that were bought out when Bethesda was acquired last year. He is the originator of the very popular The Elder Scrolls Online. On the studio’s site, we can also see that several projects are currently underway, and one of them could well be the MMO The Mandalorian.

More evidence on the way?

For the moment, apart from the vague declarations of these two personalities, no tangible proof has been provided on this project. We must therefore take enormous tweezers and wait to see what the future holds for us. However, this possibility is not yet to be ruled out because it has great potential and it is a theory that is quite plausible.

As a reminder, in 2021 EA lost the exclusive rights to the franchise Star Wars and so it left a door wide open for all the other studios. And the number of projects that are multiplying is proof that the license still attracts as many fans, decades later. One more or one less doesn’t make a difference at this point, each studio wants their piece of the market.

In addition, positioning yourself on the franchise The Mandalorian after the success of the Disney+ series would be a real gamble for Xbox. It’s a story that has a slightly more modern audience, and enjoys exceptional visibility, unlike Boba Fett whose series failed to convince fans of Star Wars. To find out more, we will surely have to wait until June 12, when Xbox and Bethesda plan to make spectacular announcements.

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