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a woman as the main character?



Rockstar Games is planning to put a woman at the center of its next GTA 6 game, a first for the franchise.

The fans of GTA are used to seeing luscious women with a sulphurous look on jackets. And yet, it is always men who are at the heart of the plot of the games. For the first time in its history, Rockstar Games could change everything and put a woman as the main character as soon as GTA 6.

A feminist shift? Let’s not exaggerate

It is Jason Schreir of Bloomberg who relays the news, while specifying that it should be a duo of main characters, à la Bonnie & Clyde. One of the members of this duo must therefore be a woman, while the other is a man. We have no more details on these characters, except that the young lady should be of Latin American origin.

If this is a real innovation compared to the old opuses of GTA, one wonders how far Rockstar Games’ desire for change will go. Renowned for being on the verge of controversy, especially since the democratization of questions of gender, sexuality or even feminism, games GTA are far from being politically correct, and that is what makes the soul of games for many.

GTA 6 will he derogate from this implicit rule? For the moment no one has the answer to this question, although some profound changes are already underway. We think in particular of the affair which upset the LGBTQIA + community a few months ago.

A development that takes time… but for a good cause

If for the moment this news is only at the stage of rumors – and it is therefore necessary to take the tweezers of rigor – it is because GTA 6 knows how to be desired. Expected for a while now, the unpublished information is still scattered despite the more than growing interest of the fans. And for good reason, the game’s development teams are trying to replicate a healthier and more efficient model than the one borrowed in recent years.

Determined to avoid the crunch (intense period during which developers work under pressure and in degraded conditions to finish a game on time), Rockstar Games does not prefer to comment on the progress of GTA 6, especially since the studio should have already changed its plans several times in order to limit the workload. We should therefore have at the exit of the game a map equivalent to Vice City, even though Rockstar initially planned to expand the map to several states of America.

Never mind, players still prefer a successful and well-made game 2 years later than expected, rather than a draft riddled with bugs 6 months in advance. If many titles have been there before, Rockstar is obviously not a stranger in this area. We still remember freshly the release of the remastered trilogy GTAwhich turned into a real fiasco.

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