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According to the author François Héon | Leadership is not innate



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Leadership is a choice

Identify an ideal vision of yourself five years from now. Visualize it. Now, how do you envision your next big date? Will you arrive out of breath, coffee in hand? Here is an exercise taken from the new book by François Héon, a specialist in leadership and organizational psychology. “The more we define what we want, the more we start to act on this future,” he explains in an interview with The Press. “Leadership isn’t following a person,” he says. That’s the command. Leadership is following a common will. ” In Leadership is a choicethe author summarizes everything that has been said about leadership over the past 100 years, includes concrete anecdotes from his work as an international consultant, inspirational quotes and exercises. “Leadership is not innate,” he says. Kings have tried to convince us of this. These are developing abilities. It’s not hierarchical either. I have seen it in the larger organizations in our province. Sometimes, the higher you go, the more you find yourself in purely political relationships. »


Finally 21%

Family-work balance (CFT) is finally starting to make its way. A step forward for managers and leaders, in particular, who can consider excluding this brake which prevented them from wanting to progress in their career. In 2022, one in five employers (21%) offered formal CFT measures compared to 18% in 2021 and 15% in 2020, reveals a survey by Concilivi, which specializes in supporting companies in matters of family-work balance. . In 2021, 24% of employers also said they simply did not see the need to implement formal CFT measures. Some have changed their minds, since the number has dropped to 17% in 2022. Obviously, we are far from meeting the expectations of employees. Also in 2022, 82% said formalizing these measures was important to them. The idea for the study comes from the Réseau pour un Québec Famille, a non-profit organization, in collaboration with the Conseil de gestion de l’assurance parentale (CGAP).




The Didacte online platform makes it easy to create training and distribute it according to the needs of employees and employers, whether they are all together in a room, remotely, live or delayed.

One of the major current trends in human resources is to improve the skills of employees with adapted and above all personalized training. You are not against virtue, but lack the time and resources to organize said trainings? The Montreal company GSoft, known for focusing on employee happiness at work, has just acquired the online platform Didacte, designed by a team from Quebec. Didacte makes it easy to create training and distribute it according to the needs of employees and employers, whether they are all together in a room, remotely, live or deferred. It’s the kind of tool designed to make life easier for small business entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and organizations with flexible and hybrid workstyles because training management is automated. There’s even attendance tracking, performance evaluation, and reporting.


digital empathy

As an entrepreneur, have you thought about developing your digital empathy?

Already, if you understand the feelings and emotions of others, you are on the right track. But that’s not enough, according to digital anthropologist Brian Solis. In the magazine Forbeshe explains that instead of treating others as YOU would like to be treated, you must treat them as they want to be treated. This means having a 360 degree view of your customers.

With data-driven insights you collect about your customer, their preferences, what keeps them engaged, and enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), you can create hyper-personalized experiences. Result ? You will have “more fulfilling and deeper relationships” with your client and he will be “more loyal”, argues the specialist. With digital empathy, you’ll discover new ways to give customers what they’ll really love before they even realize it’s what they wanted, he concludes.

Source : Forbes



This is the percentage of the 2,900 employees who said they felt less psychologically and physically exhausted after working four days a week for six months during a large pilot project in the United Kingdom. From June to December 2022, 61 companies introduced this schedule without lowering wages. Of this number, 56 SMEs will keep the four-day week, because it has had beneficial effects for both employees and employers. At the end of six months, 39% of employees say they are less stressed, 46% less tired, 55% work better, while the number of days of absence due to illness has decreased by 65% ​​and the number of departures by 57% . According to the study carried out by the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Boston College, SMEs have managed to maintain their turnover and some have even increased it, despite the drop in the number of hours worked.

Source: study report The results are in: the UK’s four-day week pilot

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