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Activision Blizzard again faces the anger of its employees on the background of antivax decision



Employees at Activision Blizzard go on strike after the developer and publisher’s decision to no longer require the Covid-19 vaccine for its staff.

After the recent harassment scandals, then the takeover of the company by Microsoft, Activision Blizzard is once again making the headlines in the specialized media following the new strike action by some of its employees.

Last week, Activision Blizzard staff were notified via email from Chief Administrative Officer Brian Bulatao that they it was no longer mandatory to present a complete vaccination schedule to work in the officesand that the company would now promote a return to face-to-face work over the coming months.

The decision was immediately criticized by some employees considering this decision as dangerous and risking the health of immunocompromised employees or living with vulnerable people. In addition, the latter comes as the number of cases of Covid-19 in the United States continues to increase, which really worries the employees of the developer.

Following these reactions, Brian Bulatao therefore took the decision to slow down this measure and to restrict it so that the company’s various studios could individually decide whether or not to keep the vaccination obligation for its employees. .

New event

Despite this change of directive from the administrative director who then promises to keep the restrictions for another “at least a few months”, employees still made the decision organize a virtual event.

Thus, 115 employees took part in this online demonstration according to a member of the ABK Workers Alliancethe self-proclaimed trade union within the company.
Three requests were made on this occasion : an immediate return to the vaccination obligation, the possibility of permanent teleworking, and offering the choice of face-to-face or remote work for each member of staff.

For members of the ABK “obviously remote work is efficient, most employees don’t need to be physically present to do their jobs properly”.

Activision Blizzard then replied that “the health and safety of its employees of our employees is our highest priority in everything we do, including our face-to-face return policy”.

New business to follow therefore within Activision Blizzard which seems to chain complex situations with its employees.

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