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Activision Blizzard gives Call of Duty and Warcraft news



The American studio has just unveiled the mobile game Warcraft.

It’s time for announcements for Activision Blizzard. With the reveal of the new extension of World of Warcraft just a week ago, the studio continues to reveal its future plans to its players.

Today, Activision and Blizzard get their own respective announcements with the new episode of call of duty and news of the enigmatic mobile game inspired by Warcraft.

The return of modern warfare

After speculations on the subject of call of duty of the year 2022, Activision had confirmed that the new FPS would follow the reboot of Modern Warfare of 2019. Without affirming that it would be a reboot of Modern Warfare 2 released in 2009, the choice seemed obvious.

It’s now confirmed, Modern Warfare 2 will return this year. The official account describes this project as “the new era of Call of Duty”. Activision seems to be betting a lot on this new title, which will also be accompanied by the new version of Warzone which was entirely developed in synergy with the main project. The short video revealing the reboot logo uses the graphic elements of the original game, enough to satisfy fans of the first hour.

Apart from the formalization of the title, nothing has been revealed yet. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to discover the release date of this new episode of the flagship FPS.

Warcraft in the pocket

On the side of Blizzard, we finally know when the very mysterious mobile game Warcraft will be revealed. Indeed, the studio has just announced a special event to present this project which has been talked about for some time now.

See you on May 3 at 7 p.m. (French time) to find out what’s going on. Is it a spin-off like Hearthstoneor a reimagining of the original strategy games adapted to a mobile format?

One thing is certain, between Diablo Immortal and this new project, Blizzard intends to launch mobile in a serious way. call of duty, Fortnite and other major licenses have already successfully exported to mobile with flying colors, so it remains to be hoped that Blizzard will also be able to adapt to this market. But is this the right direction to take? Only the future will tell.

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