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Activision Blizzard responsible for suicide according to victim’s family



The family of a former employee is suing Activision Blizzard for sexual harassment that allegedly led to her suicide.

Activision Blizzard is still far from out of trouble. The group, which has just been bought by Microsoft, is dragging many pans of the past behind it, which are gradually emerging from the cupboards. Last summer, the company was facing numerous complaints of toxic work environment, harassment and sexual assault. If, at the legal level, this whole affair is still not settled, the complaints against the studio, they accumulate.

A family just filed a new lawsuit for wrongful death following the death of one of the company’s employees. The latter was found dead during a cohesion stay in 2017. It is the young Kerri Moynihan, at the time finance manager and only 32 years old. The family reveals today that she would have suffered sexual harassment, which would be an important factor that led to her suicide.

Already cited in the first trial against the firm, this case was one of the reasons that prompted the prosecution to declare that the company was ” breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women » ; in which ” women were subjected to numerous sexual comments and advances, unwanted groping and touching, and other forms of harassment. »

Harassment involving a supervisor

In the complaint, the family describes in more detail the harassment that Kerri Moynihan suffered at the company. She then explains that several employees are concerned, including a certain Greg Restituito, one of the managers of the former manager. He would have brought with him, during this stay at Disneyland, several toys for adults; while other employees shared a photo of the young woman’s private parts.

The origin of the alleged photo has not yet been established, but Greg Restituito was allegedly having an affair with Kerri Moynihan, which he did not want to reveal during his first hearing after the latter’s death. The family therefore also accuses him of having lied about it, but also of having hidden certain evidence of their relationship, stating that he was largely involved in the suicide of the young woman.

An obstacle to the investigation?

She also criticizes Activision Blizzard for refusing to cooperate loyally with the police during the first investigations. Indeed, the young woman’s mobile phone would then have been reset, and the company would have refused to give access to Greg Restituito’s technological possessions, including his laptop and his smartphone, even though they could have contained important clues for the rest of the investigation.

The response from the studio was not long in coming. Activision Blizzard said it was ” deeply saddened by the tragic death of Mrs Moynihan, who was a valued member of the firm. The complaint will be dealt with through the appropriate legal process and, out of respect for the family, will not be subject to further comment at this time. »

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