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Activision gives crisp news on the new Warzone



Warzone finally gives and its news and promises us a radically different experience from the current version.

call of duty warzone is surely one of the most popular battle royale of the moment. Since its release in 2020, the game has taken advantage of the pandemic to increase its success and bring together more and more players. Last November, when came out call of duty vanguard, Warzone has given itself a second life with a brand new map and new game modes. But Activision intends to take advantage of its goose that lays the golden eggs.

A new version of Warzone coming soon

The firm, which is experiencing many legal problems and which was recently bought out by Microsoft, wants to completely rethink the battle royale this year. This information was revealed to us alongside the announcement of call of duty 2022which is none other than the sequel to Modern Warfare (2019). According to EurogamerActivision is planning “groundbreaking innovations” for this new game.

The next Warzone should neither be a sequel to the first, nor be a spin-off. Rather, it will be about offering players a new “experience” that ventures off the beaten path. However, no qualitative information has been communicated, and we do not yet have any images of this next game. We simply know that it is currently being developed jointly with the next Modern Warfare, which has also gave her news.

Don’t panic, the new iteration of Warzone will also be playable in free-to-play, no change there. It should also be used to boost franchise sales, which have been down slightly for a year. Activision takes the hit, and especially the unprofitable launch of Vanguardcompared to the hits that were Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Hopefully the next installment of Modern Warfare meet the same fate.

An announcement soon?

For many, there is no doubt that the two games will be released at the same time, so we should be entitled to an announcement in the coming weeks, if not days. At the moment, it is also not known if the new Warzone will keep ties with the Warzone current, whether in terms of progress or in terms of content. Mobile gamers are also waiting for the release of the mobile title, which was announced several weeks ago.

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