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Activision has fun punishing cheaters



Activision is tightening the noose around cheaters with this amazing (and hilarious) new punishment.

It’s been Activision’s new fad for nearly a year: tracking down cheaters on call of duty and crack down when necessary. With Vanguard, we have seen the arrival of a new anti-cheat software which seems to prove itself very effectively. Today, the studio unveils a brand new punishment, which is likely to make those who oppose cheaters laugh.

Indeed, players who are detected cheating can have all their weapons removed in the blink of an eye. They then have no way to inflict damage on you, either with weapons or even melee. They can always try to run away, that’s all they have to do. If this method is particularly effective, Activision is amused to have implemented this discovery:

We don’t expect many clips like this to end up online, but we’ve seen it in action before and cheater reactions are always invaluable..”

Already several funny punishments to his credit

It must be said that the studio is not a little proud of its latest punishments put in place, which all redouble their imagination. We first had the right to God Mode, applied to players facing cheaters, then to cloaking which makes all players invisible to the eyes of cheaters. This also includes the noises they make. If the firm says it cannot stop cheating overnight, it is still proud of its new system:

What we do best is how quickly we can recognize players who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. When a bad actor is detected, we apply a metric from our mitigation toolkit to them (or all metrics at once if we’re in a prickly mood) and analyze the data from the machine that cheated.

Since launching RICOCHET Anti-Cheat last year, we’ve seen both a significant drop in the number of cheaters invading our games and an unfortunate increase – an expected ebb and flow that’s a frustrating reality when it comes to game security. games.

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