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Adibou is back on smartphones: 3 reasons to crack



Adibou is back on smartphones, here are 3 good reasons to treat yourself to the cult game of the 1990s.

A real Proust madeleine for many of us, Adibou has offered itself a long-awaited revival on smartphones. 30 years after their official birth, the little extraterrestrial and his friends are giving themselves a little facelift, but intend to bet above all on the nostalgia of a generation that has become an adult.

Because if Adibou is officially presented as an educational game for 4 to 7 year olds, this remake is aimed at thirty-somethings. Despite a graphic overhaul and a switch to touch, the license retains its charm of yesteryear, and strives to seduce the big kids of the 1990s. title on online stores. The price of nostalgia no doubt. However, version 2.0 is not just a succession of fan service, but on the contrary stands out as a pretty, deliciously retro mobile game.

The same only better

Flanked by his red cap, his pointed ears and his silly smile, Adibou has not aged a bit. Despite a rather nice switch to 3D, the game strictly respects the DNA of the original title. All the characters answered the call. We thus happily find Plop the dog, the terrifying Bouzigouloum, but also the Bizbi bee, the hollow tree and even Kicook. Only the Robitoc robot is entitled to a design change, the rest of the gang preferring to keep its period appearance.

Depending on his age, it is thus possible to find most of the interactions of the time, some of which we had forgotten, such as the planting of the garden or the personalization of the avatar. The cult games of our childhood are also present, and we enjoy passing the last level of the brick breaker as much only to offer our failed cakes to Bouzigoloum. Only major disappointment, the absence of the song 1, 2, 3, 3 little cats in the character’s repertoire. Hopefully the developers will fix it quickly with an update.

Some cool new stuff

Adibou on smartphone was not intended to revolutionize the basic game. It must be said that behind its vintage appearance, the title of Cocktel Vision was already very successful, skillfully combining entertainment and learning. We still appreciate the arrival of several new features, such as Wilocasts, which allow you to discover certain historical and cultural episodes through stories told by a slew of narrators, each one more sympathetic than the other.

Whether we discover it for the first time as a child or whether we are like us, caught up in nostalgia for the license, the game is a great discovery, which blows a wind of modernity on a title that rocked childhood more than thirty years in the making.

No ads or in-app purchases

Adibou may relieve us of a few euros when it is downloaded, but it has the good taste not to offer any advertising or in-app purchases. A logical decision when you know that it is a game intended (officially) for children, but which is far from being followed by all the developers. From the creation of the profile, we feel that the emphasis has been placed on respecting the regulations and the children. The application does not ask for any email address, and everything seems to happen internally. An Internet connection is also not necessary to enjoy the game.

The icing on the cake, it is possible to save up to six player profiles. Something to satisfy the whole family.

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