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After Dead Space, EA takes on Marvel and this project is progressing well



Superheroes are trendy and video game studios are snapping up major licenses one by one to adapt these universes.

Ever since video games have existed, superheroes have had their own dedicated titles. If they have often been simple adaptations almost relegated to the rank of derivative product, the characters in capes and tights are finally starting to offer experiences worthy of the name on console and PC. In recent years, Spider-Man has earned a special place in the hearts of gamers after an almost perfect game signed Insomniac. However, these universes do not always lead to a qualitative result.

If Marvel and DC are popular thanks to the many feature films that arrive in our theaters on a very regular basis, borrowing these popular licenses is not enough to create a good game. The proof is with Marvel’s Avengers, the failure of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. If the studio has been able to restore its image with the very good Guardians of the Galaxythis monumental failure proved that even the safest bets can be dangerous.

However, some are not afraid of anything, and EA is about to enter the race with a title honoring one of the flagship heroes of the House of Ideas. Last September, the studio announced the preparation of a solo Iron Man game which is finally starting its development in full force.

Tony Stark is on his way

Through a question-and-answer session on Reddit on the occasion of the release of the remake of Dead Space, the teams of the EA Motive studio came to talk about the Marvel project. After a fan asked for more about the future of the horror license, the response quickly branched off to the next title in development. While there’s a clear interest in “continuing work on the Dead Space franchise,” the developers will be taking some well-deserved rest. But meanwhile, another group is in charge and has already “started work on Iron Man” they revealed.

The project is therefore entering the active phase of its development. It will still be necessary to be patient before learning more, but this title is in good hands. At the head of operations, we find in particular Olivier Proulx, who is known for his work on Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. With an expert in superheroes and action, in other words, the end result should be up to par. First elements of response by next year if all goes well?

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