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After Genshin Impact, MiHoYo’s new game plays it post-apocalyptic



The studio behind Genshin Impact has just unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming game Zenless Zone Zero.

We no longer present the MiHoYo studio. Became famous all over the world after the success of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impactthe Chinese company is preparing to unveil its brand new title this week, during an official presentation to be held online tomorrow.


On the sidelines of the project Honkai Star Rail on which MiHoYo has been working for several months, the development studio is also preparing another title called Zenless Zone Zero. A long-term project made possible by the opening at the end of last year of a production branch in Canada. At the time, a leak had revealed that the opus dubbed ZZZ would look like an open world shooterwhich as in Genshin Impact, would promote exploration and crafting.

An explosive first trailer

While MiHoYo had promised us an important announcement in the coming days, the studio has just officially unveiled the first presentation trailer for ZZZ, which tells us more about the gameplay than the first teasers. We see eccentric characters, against a background of electronic music and in post-apocalyptic arenas.

In fact, MiHoYo has not revealed anything specific about the gameplay that awaits us in Zenless Zone Zero, however, the trailer leads us to believe that it is a dungeon-crawler in which you evolve as a team. Each area seems to be randomly created, so you have to defeat a myriad of enemies with your special moves and other gameplay specifics specific to your character.

For the moment, the studio has presented us with 11 different characters, which already promises a fairly wide variety of gameplay and decent replayability. In the description of the video, one can read: “Dear citizens, the basement disaster that occurred in the district you are traveling to has been contained. Thank you for your cooperation over the past few days. Your request to enter the city has been approved. Please enjoy your trip!

On the MiHoYo site, no more information is available to us, but we can discover some visuals there and it is surely one of the strong points of this opus. ZZZ drastically moves away from the visual identity of Genshin Impact to propel us into a rather pleasant alternative future, populated by strong and visually very interesting characters. No release date yet, but we’re hopeful it will happen soon.

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