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After Pokémon Legends Arceus, here is the perfect book for fans



Between the Pokédex and the medieval codex, we have found something to occupy your summer.

For adults and older children who are fans of pop culture, Simon de Thuillières has the perfect book after Pokemon Legends Arceus. The geeky medievalist who enjoys illuminating references to the 1990s is back in charge this summer, with a superb Medieval Pokédex, imagined by Martin Foret and La Chocolinein collaboration with Julien Bardakoffthe original creator of the French names for Pokémon.

From “Common Beasts” to “Legendary Monsters and other Dragons”

A true medieval hunting log which is reminiscent of our last adventures in Hisui in Pokemon Legends Arceusthe Pochon Dextre presents itself as a attractive 96-page hardcover grimoire smelling of (recycled) leather and candlelit taverns. Throughout the book, the authors revisit no less than one hundred cult creatures from our childhood, both in form and substance. In an old French of circumstance, we thus discover how Dracaufeu becomes Draquembrase, a “flame eater” looking like a coat of arms dragon.

For geeky medievalists and Pokémon fans, it’s hard to beat. Richly illustrated by La Chocoline, the Dexter Pouch is full of details, and even goes so far as to reinvent the berries and the pokéballs, renowned Estourballesand made from agate, wood, slate, steel, and even crystal and amethyst.

© Simon de Thuillieres

Why is it funny?

Quirky, absurd and original, the Dexter Pouch is a dive into the Pokémon universe through an unexpected prism, halfway between the bestiary and the parodic cabinet of curiosities. The medieval names of pocket monsters definitely have nothing to envy to those imagined by Julien Bardakoff since the 1990s.

Five days left to pre-order the Dexter Pouch on the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. The book is available at 25€ alone, or from €30 with additional rewards. In addition to his medieval Pokédex, Simon de Thuillières also offers his Book of games and spirit. The campaign is also an opportunity to offer The Highlighters and The Alley Fistalready released last year.

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