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After Xbox, PlayStation would also like to put ads in its games



Is Sony considering the integration of advertisements in its free-to-play games on PlayStation?

A few days ago, we announced that Microsoft would allegedly be building a special program aimed at integrating advertisements into free-to-play games on Xbox. Now it looks like its most direct competitor is thinking of doing the same thing. We owe this revelation to Business Insider, who was informed of Sony’s project by three sources familiar with the matter.

The media claims that Sony is also developing a way to effectively integrate ads into free-to-play games on PlayStation, in order to establish an additional source of revenue that would finance the maintenance of this games. As for Microsoft, advertisements should be integrated directly in-game but in a subtle way.

This would take the form of billboards, for example, which would be present in sports games, but also in adventure games. If it’s an approach that takes some time to think about and set up, it’s because the two companies have the desire not to alter or degrade the player experience, so the ads must be the as discreet and natural as possible… at least in theory.

Sony hasn’t announced anything yet

Unfortunately, none of this has been confirmed as of yet, either from the PlayStation side, or from the Xbox side. Still, Business Insider seems to think Sony is further along in researching its plan than Microsoft. It’s been almost a year and a half that the machine is on the way for PlayStation, and that the firm is contacting its various future partners, even though for Xbox, Microsoft must still find how and with whom it will work.

Sony should even go further than its competitor, by offering brands to reward players who view advertisements, which would mean that the latter could take the form of short videos. If so, then the ads could well take the form of what’s found in mobile games to date. To learn more about this still secret project, we will have to wait a few months, Sony should normally announce its initiative before the end of the year, as is also the case for Microsoft.

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