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Alienware teases its new gaming laptops



New models from Alienware are coming, with high-end CPUs and RTX 40X0s on the menu.

We are almost at the opening of CES, the annual high mass of tech. And like every year, the manufacturers take the opportunity to teaser their most interesting novelties. Today, it’s Alienware’s turn to present a slew of new laptops; this is what the extraterrestrial brand ecosystem will look like this year.

m18 / m16

Alienware begins by touting its most powerful laptop, the m18. For those who want a more reasonable configuration, almost the entire range will be covered, both on the CPU and GPU side. The manufacturer indicates in particular that options under AMD Ryzen and Radeon will be announced later. And for those looking for raw performance, no worries: they will notably have access to a formidable 13th generation Intel i9 13980HX. Very high end equipment.


To accommodate this CPU-GPU couple capable of engulfing more than 250W, Alienware has significantly increased the size of the vapor chamber. It now covers the CPUI and GPU, with 35% increased thermal capacity and three additional heat pipes.

Screen level, this model will have access to a QHD 165 Hz or FHD 480 Hz panel in 16:10 format. It will be possible to equip the keyboard with CHERRY MX mechanical switches, benchmark equipment in this field. It should also be noted that this model will be able to reach 9 TB of storage, and that it has benefited from a structural overhaul to lighten and strengthen the chassis.

For players looking for a more compact machine, the Alienwarem16 incorporates a large majority of the technologies, ergonomics, ideas of the m18.


The new x16 is the brand’s first 16-inch gaming laptop in almost twenty years. Alienware bills it as its “highest-end product to date,” or “the most premium gaming laptop in the world.”

On the screen side, this model will be equipped with a QHD+ panel in 16:10 format, with 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut, and we find all the design changes mentioned on the m16, starting with the redesigned vapor chamber. .

Alienware also highlights its new chassis equipped with 6 Dolby Atmos compatible speakers and its Cherry MX keyboard. But she is quick to point out that like the m18, this x16 will be able to accommodate very, very high-end hardware. In its press release, Alienware speaks in particular of a model with a very high-end Intel Core and an RTX 4090. We can’t wait to see how the steam chamber will withstand this announced deluge of heat, especially since it is thinner than the m18.

x14, G16 and G15

Speaking of finesse, we are also witnessing the return of the x14 with a new version called x14 R2. It maintains its advantageous profile, with less than 1.5 cm at the hinge. Inevitably, it will be a little less powerful than the two furious beasts above. But we can still expect a high-end configuration to serve its 14” 16:10 QHD+ panel at 165 Hz. will also offer 100% coverage of the DCI P3 gamut.


Alienware ends these new announcements with two slightly less exuberant machines, the G16 and G15. The watchwords claimed by these models in FHD resolution: reliability, simplicity, performance, and above all competitive price.

These models will feature the same vapor chamber as the high-end models, and the G16 model will also have access to the Cherry MX keyboard (optional). The little extra is that they will have macro keys. Apart from that, there is again a wide selection of CPU options (up to the i 9-13900 HX) and GPU (models not specified).

Pricing and availability for these models will likely be announced during CES or in the days following.

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