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All about Milio, the new champion of League of Legends



Riot Games presents its new champion Milio in detail. Learn all about its abilities and history.

Over the next few days, regular League of Legends players will be able to discover a brand new champion. Unveiled this weekend, Riot Games provided us with a preview of all the useful information about Milio, the young mage who joins the ranks of the citizens of Ixtal. Here is a short summary of his story, available on the Riot Games site:

Milio is a warm-hearted boy from Ixtal who, despite his young age, masters the Axiom of Fire and has discovered healing fire. Thanks to this new power, he hopes to integrate the Yun Tal, like his grandmother before him, and to cancel the judgment that forced his family into exile. After crossing the jungles of Ixtal to reach Ixaocan, the capital, he prepares to face the Vidalion, unaware of the trials and dangers that await him..”

What type of fighter is Milio?

As stated in his character description, young Milio is a mage who wields the element of fire. Far from being associated with destruction, his will-o’-the-wisps (fuemigos) are more related to protection and healing. This makes him an important support element.

By introducing this new champion, the Riot Games teams wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the category of mages, while remaining in the nails of what the studio knows how to do. The fact that Milio is only 12 years old and a boy is enough to set him apart from other champions in his class. Its youth is transmitted through its dynamism and the energy of its movements.

What are Milio’s skills?

As with all of its champions, Riot Games gives Milio multiple skills of multiple types, some of which knock enemies back and others that heal allies. Here is the complete summary of all the skills of Milio, usable in part:

Passive Skill: Milio’s skills enchant affected allies. Their next spell or attack deals bonus damage and burns the target.

A – Ultra Mega Fireball: Milio fires a bullet from his foot that knocks back an enemy. On impact, the bullet bounces behind the target, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the area of ​​impact.

W – Campfire: Milio creates a buff zone that heals and increases the attack range of allies within it. The zone follows the ally closest to the starting point.

E – Warm front: Milio throws a shield at an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.

R- Vital flames: Milio unleashes a wave of healing flames that heals and removes crowd control effects from allies hit.

When will Milio be available?

For the moment, no date has been set for the arrival of Milio in League of Legends as a playable character. However, version 13.5 of the game arrives on March 8 and version 13.6 on March 22, so we can assume that the champion will be available from one of these dates.

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