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all about the ephemeral battle royale mode



Rocket League will become even more popular with this temporary battle royale mode. Don’t miss it!

On consoles and PC, Rocket League has been one of the flagship games of streamers since its release a few years ago, along with Fortnite or League of Legends. But the matches will become more and more competitive, thanks to a new game mode called Knockout. This is a battle royale mode in which players will compete in matches where the law of the strongest reigns.

In the trailer shared by Psyonix, the studio behind Rocket League, there is very little factual information about this game mode. However, it can be found on the game’s official website. Knockout is part of a temporary spring event that will run from April 27th to May 10th. So you will only have a few days to enjoy it. On the site you can read:

In this destructive derby, only the fittest survive as 8 players battle their way through multiple new arenas. Most of your skills will be retained, but you’ll need to master the new attack, block, and grab mechanics to emerge victorious!

If you thought football was a contact sport…

As you will have understood, unlike large-scale battle royales which have been multiplying for a few years, Psyonix has chosen to keep matches with a maximum of 8 players, in which everyone plays for their apple. The goal is to successfully get your enemies out of the safe zone, which shrinks over time and also contains several obstacles to beware of.

If initially you have about ten seconds to return to the zone before having a KO, the more the minutes go by, and the closer you get to the instantaneous KO. At the end of 3 KO, it is the end of the match for you. It will therefore be necessary to redouble our vigilance and use all the possibilities of attack to win. To do this, you can block, attack and even grapple your opponents.

The studio explains that for the occasion, 3 maps have been specially created for this battle royale mode: calavera, Carbonand Quadro. Participating in Knockout matches can earn you multiple rewards related to the seasonal event. So don’t miss the boat, you don’t have much time to do it!

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