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all about the Godzilla and Kong event



Warzone followers can participate in a limited event centered on Kong and Godzilla. Everything you need to know about Operation Monarch.

If you regularly play Warzone, you’ve no doubt already seen some campaign footage for the new Godzilla and King Kong-centric event. This has just been added to the battle royale via an update which brings with it some temporary new features, as well as a time-limited game mode. So here’s everything you need to know about the Operation Monarch event.

Monsters in the middle of Caldera

Available May 11-25, Operation Monarch is an expansive seasonal campaign that adds fearsome new enemies within Warzone. In addition to the usual PvP fights, players will have to join forces to overcome monsters, which are not those you think. Indeed, you will not have to fight King Kong and Godzilla, but other even more powerful enemy forces. Activision calls them “titans” and divides them into two categories.

Sam Rappaport, Legendary’s Director of Interactive Media, explains: “the Monsterverse is made up of ‘protective’ and ‘destroying’ Titans, each with a biological imperative to fight for dominance. Although we saw these old rivals face off in Godzilla vs. Kong, both are considered protective Titans. However, when provoked by other Titans or humans, nothing can contain their rage..”

If your primary goal is not to face these two giants, you will surely have to do so during your game. To beat them, you must then take into account certain information, and above all avoid their random attacks. For Godzilla, it is absolutely necessary to avoid his atomic breath, which you can see in red on your mini map. As for Kong, you have to avoid getting under his feet when he jumps from place to place.

An ephemeral mode in the spotlight

The update therefore brings the special Operation Monarch game mode, which has its own rules. Based on the Caldera map, the games are played with a maximum of 60 players, in teams of 4. They are played with the same rules as the Resurgence mode, except that you must also collect information on the two titans, and avoid their attacks, direct or indirect. The last squad alive won.

Note that during their game, players can have access to a very special elimination series, called the SCREAM device. It allows you to release one of Kong’s or Godzilla’s two attacks, in a strategic place and never several times in a row. .

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