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Among Us VR finally has a release date!



After being a phenomenon on PC, consoles and mobiles, will Among Us be a success in VR too?

It was the game of choice for many streamers during the first lockdown in 2020. Among Us, although it never left, is making a comeback with a bang by offering itself a VR version that was announced many months ago. This one has just found an official release date, fixed until November 10. Innersloth releases details on a release in a blog post.

The studio explains that the game will be available on several platforms, in order to benefit the greatest number of players, although the owners of VR headsets are ultimately not so numerous. You can therefore find Among Us on Meta headsets, especially the Quest 1, Quest 2 and even the Quest Rift, but also on Steam. Innersloth states:

Prepare for emergency meetings, crew members! Among Us VR will launch on November 10, 2022. You can head to the Meta Quest store to pre-order the game and unlock a Mini Crewmate Hat as a pre-order bonus.

Can you catch the impostor?

This therefore only leaves players a few weeks before rediscovering their favorite title from another angle, which risks adding spice to the games. Switching to first person should be interesting in terms of immersion but in terms of infiltration, as your field of vision will narrow considerably. Gone is the view from above that gives you the power to observe your surroundings and in all directions, you now have blinkers that won’t help you catch the impostor…if it’s not you!

To note that Among Us VR is already available for pre-order at the single price of €9.99 whether you go through the Meta Quest Store or Steam.

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