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an Animal Crossing with Mickey Mouse sauce



Gameloft continues its momentum and announces a new Disney game which is intended as a clever mix between Animal Crossing and The Sims.

After having announced disney speedstorma competitor to Mario Kart featuring cult characters from Disney, Gameloft has just unveiled a new free-to-play game inspired by the worlds of the entertainment giant.

This new project is called Disney Dreamlight Valley and will delight more than one fan ofAnimal Crossing and other life simulators like it.

Who hasn’t dreamed of going fishing with Goofy, or cooking delicious meals with Chef Rémy? Well, maybe not everyone, but Disney fans will be happy to hear that all of that and more will become possible in this new game.

The trailer published on the occasion of this announcement reveals a multitude of activities and areas to discover in this strange mix between Stardew Valley, the Sims and the Disney multiverse.

Heigh-oh heigh-oh we’re going to work

Between the trailer and the description of the game given to us by Gameloft, players will have to get involved in maintaining the Dreamlight Valley.

The studio explains: “The Disney and Pixar characters you’ll meet each have their own piece of history and friendship goals that you can complete and achieve by exploring, giving them gifts and doing lots of other fun activities through which you’ll learn to meet your new friends”.

Thus, you will have to cook the ingredients that you will have grown in the garden of Wall-E and go in search of resources such as ores with other Disney friends in their respective areas.

A varied gameplay then seems to be announced, but the free-to-play dimension of the game enough to throw a chill down the backs of more than one. Given the direction of play, it is then possible to imagine abusive mechanics in the reload times of resources or crafting.

The first feedback on test versions of the game seem to indicate otherwisebut everything can still change before the game does its entry in 2023. However, if you are in a hurry to go and be the handyman for Disney and Pixar characters, know thatan early access version of the game will be available this summerwith the purchase of a Founder’s Pack, the price of which has not yet been announced, or an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Gameloft and Disney are looking to reach as many potential players as possible with this project since it will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and even the Apple AppStore.

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