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Sony lifts the veil on the games that will be offered on the PSVR 2 as soon as it is released or not long after.

After the price increase of the PS5, Sony is once again unanimous in disappointing its players. The firm has (finally) unveiled the price and release date of its PSVR 2, the new generation virtual reality headset supposed to accompany the famous and rare PS5. However, it seems that the 600€ displayed do not please everyone… and there is reason for it. If the performances should clearly be there, fans are skeptical about the compulsory wired connection.

Sony is now counting on its games to catch up with players and it could work. We knew that a spin-off ofHorizonbaptized Call of the Mountainthe studio unveils a handful of others, including a horror game from the franchise The Dark Pictures. Switchback reveals its terrifying gameplay in a new trailer that is already freezing our blood.

Supermassive Games’ little train transports you to the heart of your worst nightmares, in a spooky atmosphere far from the realism of the opuses of the main saga, but still reminds us of the less famous Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. The title does not get a release date yet.

The second game revealed is Crossfire: Sierra Squad, a nervous and explosive FPS that should appeal to fans of the franchise. You will not face real players, but many AI boosted NPCs for more challenge. A multitude of weapons and deadly equipment will be at your disposal to overcome the hordes of soldiers.

Then, the holders of the machine will also be able to scare themselves with Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue. As always, you decide to infiltrate the house of your creepy neighbor, from whom you will have to hide at the risk of being terrorized.

In a completely different style, The Light Brigade is a first-person shooter set in a fantasy world. The goal is to make light reign in a world filled with darkness. The graphics are rudimentary, but the gameplay on the border between realism of the gunplay and the magic of the universe. No release date has been announced but the game is already available for pre-order.

Finally, we can’t wait to get our hands on After the Fall, another shooter which this time features zombies. A VR horror classic that has the merit of being reinvented for PSVR 2 from the beginning of 2023. The developers explain to us that in co-op, you will have to face waves of enemies in a setting inspired by Los Angeles. Thanks to the technology of the helmet, the immersion will be more than there and you will even feel the blows of the zombies on your head.

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