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an ultralight mouse with surgical precision



With its featherweight and new sensor, this mouse should delight the most demanding FPS enthusiasts.

Razer, the favorite brand of all-RGB PC peripheral enthusiasts, today unveils its all-new mouse: the Viper V2 Pro, an ultra-lightweight wireless mouse designed to optimize the performance of high-level gamers.

First metric highlighted by the brand: weight. With just 58 grams on the scale, it will oppose almost no resistance when performing a very aggressive “flick” in your favorite FPS. For those familiar with the Razer ecosystem, this model is 20% lighter than the Viper Ultimate, which already stood out at this level.

A new AI-powered sensor

But the sensor still has to be able to follow for this lightness to translate into performance in real conditions. At this level, this Viper V2 Pro should be well off since it is entitled to brand new optics, with a new Focus Pro 30K sensor.

According to Razer, this would allow “achieve 99.8% accuracy”… a funny formulation that does not refer to much in practice. On the other hand, what is more interesting is that this sensor has been boosted with several AI-based features.

This system will notably make it possible to offer a form of “intelligent monitoring”. This eliminates signal loss and ensures continuity of movement, even on uneven surfaces. The laser has also been recut to better manage the graininess and shine of different coatings. The brand claims, for example, that this Viper V2 Pro is able to operate without the slightest problem on a glass surface at least 2mm thick.

This Viper V2 Pro is apparently capable of running on a glass surface, provided it is thick enough. © Razer

There are also Razer’s proprietary optical switches. This time it is a new version (Gen-3). The brand claims that its lifespan is 25% longer than that of the previous generation.

Razer also claims to have improved the battery, and claims 80 hours of battery life on this model. It will also be rechargeable by standard USB-C, which means that there will be no need for a proprietary cable.

Finally, there are the standard features of this type of mouse. Direct sensitivity control is present; there is also an on-board memory cell that allows you to save your profile directly on the device. Additional pre-cut stickers in the shape of the Viper V2 Pro, a Speedflex charging cable and a 2.4GHz HyperSpeed ​​USB dongle are included in the box.

This model is not yet available at Amazon and consort. On the other hand, you can already afford it on the razer official website for €159.99.

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