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an update from another world is coming



It will soon be possible to capture Pokemon from another dimension thanks to this “super” cool new update.

Niantic’s hit game continues to expand its content by once again drawing inspiration from the region ofAlola. After arriving last March, the 7th generation of Pokémon will once again be honored with an update promising content “ultra”.

The multiverse has been all the rage for a while, but Pokemon had already done it in 2016 with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Creatures straight from another world made an appearance in these versions of Gamefreak’s cult RPG. The Ultra-Chimeras summoned by portals then wreaked havoc in the paradise region of Alola and will soon do the same in our world.

A short teaser reveals the upcoming arrival of Zeroid also known as UC-01 Parasite. The rock-and-poison-type Ultra Beast will invade Pokémon Go along with what appears to be a member of Ultra-Commando. It remains to be seen whether this will be a new ally who will accompany us in our quest for these new interdimensional creatures, or whether it is a new antagonist like Team Rocket. The track of a brand new skin for the avatars of the game is not to be excluded either.

A Pokémon GO summer

This new content will arrive alongside the new event Season of Go. This season will run from June 1 to September 1 and promises to enrich the mobile game with new experiences to punctuate the summer of 2022.

the Pokemon Go Fest will include festivals in the cities of Berlin, Seattle and Sapporo as well as in-game events for fans around the world on June 4 and 5. The most anticipated will obviously remain the arrival of the Ultra-Chimeras and their Ultra-Breachs that players have already data-mine in the game files. No legendary raid for these new creatures, but a new mechanic that will spice up the game. player exploration.

In another register, Niantic also plans to release a social network dedicated to its augmented reality games very soon. This will allow players to organize themselves more easily in the context of raids or other game mechanics requiring the help of the community. Called Campfire, this new application will first integrate Pokémon GO before letting other games join the network.

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