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Apex Legends Mobile finds its release date and it’s coming soon!



Mobile players will be able to join Apex battles very soon in an adapted nomadic version.

If the desire to play Apex Legends anywhere anytime makes you dream, but you don’t have a Switch or a laptop, know that you will soon be able to embark on wild games of the hit battle royale from your smartphone.

Respawn Entertainment has prepared an adaptation specially developed for mobile platformspromising adapted gameplay and above all increased stability regardless of the model of smartphone or tablet you have.

After going through various test sessions in some markets, the game will make its official arrival May 17, in just five days. To kick off the festivities and announce what’s in store for players when the game launches next week, Respawn has released an announcement cinematic for the first season ofApex Legends Mobile which promises intense and fierce battles:

More than just adaptation

Even PC and console players will find their account on Apex Legends Mobilesince this game is not a simple port of the main version, but rather its own edition that will come with its exclusive content.

Battle Royale Inaugural Season Announcement Cutscene Reveals a new character that will remain unique to the mobile title. bearing the name of Bland, this new head will be added to the cast with its own unique abilities designed for mobile gaming and its gameplay different from the PC versions. We still don’t know if some characters from the mobile version will be released on the original version, even if it seems unlikely since the interest of separating part of the roster lies in the objective of generating enthusiasm and bringing back new players. .

It is already possible to pre-register on the Play Store or on the AppStore to download the application in advance and be ready when the battle begins. See you in a few days to show off your skills as Apex players in this new portable (but not mini) edition of Respawn’s flagship game.

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