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Apple | New chip, multitasking iPad and Montreal trophy



Returning in person to Apple Park, Calif., after two years of the pandemic, developers around the world were treated to a flurry of announcements earlier this week for WWDC 2022, which will run through Friday. Here, in four steps with the analysis of two Montreal participants, what to remember.


For Transit CEO Sam Vermette, the common thread running through the announcements he’s seen in 2022 is “merger.” His app was among the finalists for the Apple Design Awards in the “Interaction” category, finally won by the American studio Breakpoint on Monday evening. “It’s a direction they have taken for several years to try to merge the functionalities between the different platforms, explains Mr. Vermette. They borrow functions from each other, become richer and more powerful from the user’s point of view. »

Some examples ? The app In shape, which collects physical activity data from an Apple Watch, will become independent with iOS 16 and will use the sensors of an iPhone, in particular to calculate the number of steps and track training for cycling or running. With the new macOS Ventura operating system, it will be possible to use an iPhone as a webcam associated with a computer, allowing for example the smooth transition of a videoconference from one device to another.


APPLE INC. photo courtesy of REUTERS

Many applications, including Email, Posts, Freeform and FaceTimewill offer improved possibilities for collaboration between users.

Since the appearance in 2016 of the most powerful model of its tablet, the iPad Pro, Apple has often tried to present it as a valid alternative to a laptop. One key element was missing, however: the ability to truly multitask. With the launch in the fall of the iPadOS 16 operating system, we are introducing a novelty that will close the gap, “Stage Manager”. It essentially allows up to four active applications to be displayed simultaneously, eight with an external monitor for iPad Pro and Air with M1 chip, with windows that can be reduced and data exchange functions between apps.

Many applications, including Email, Posts, Freeform and FaceTime, will offer improved possibilities for collaboration between users. Finally, the app Weather report house of Apple, already available on iPhone, is entering the iPad in an enhanced version. Still no Apple calculator for the iPad, though, a mysterious absence that has been repeatedly reported since 2010.


Apple’s computers are far from the favorite of amateur video gamers of big productions. Never mind, VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi promised “a new day for gaming on the Mac” on Monday, with the release of resource-hungry titles like Resident Evil Village, the presentation of the Metal 3 programming interface and the announcement of a new, even more powerful chip, the M2, which will equip the next MacBook Air. Apple’s combativeness in this area does not displease Jacques Durand, creative director at Gameloft Montreal. He was on hand Monday evening to receive on behalf of his studio one of the 12 Apple Design Awards, in the Visuals and Graphics category for the game LEGO Star Wars: Castlewaysoffered on Apple Arcade.

“I’ve been an Apple fan for 30 years, I follow all the rumors, and there’s been talk of an Apple TV for gaming for years. […] It would be interesting to have the box with an Apple controller, which would have sufficient graphics capabilities for video games. »

iOS 16

APPLE INC. photo courtesy of REUTERS

The vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, presented the new features of iOS 16.

Apple may have diversified its activities for a decade, but the iPhone remains its main seller in 2022, which represented 52% of its revenues totaling 97.3 billion, according to its latest quarterly report. The new version of its operating system, iOS 16, which will be available to the general public in the fall, will offer a major change to the lock screen. The time and date will be configurable with a wide range of characters and colors and several “widgets” indicating the next events on the agenda, the weather, the battery level, and the circles of physical activity can be displayed. The time may even become embedded behind a photographed person.

Just like with the next operating system for iPad, it will be possible to share your photo library with five other people who can modify, add or delete them. Finally, it will be possible, up to 15 minutes after they have been sent, to cancel or modify the text messages sent to Posts.

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